Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Stark Of Us

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Seems like R.R Martin will go STARK raving mad if Ellie isn't killed off in The Last Of Us film!

According to Buzzfeed's senior film reporter Adam Vary on Twitter, Game Of Thrones actor Maisie Williams "had a meeting"c with the makers of The Last Of Us movie crew "for [the] lead role of Ellie.". This would be the 17-year-old's 6th film if talks are successful.What this story also tells us is that the The Last Of Us film is happening, and that, in another tweet by Vary, "Naughty Dog will have the final say on casting." Could this mean that we could finally have a true video game film that isn't Uwe Boll-ocks?

It could be, but it's way too early to tell. All we currently know for sure is that Naughty Dog are helping to create the film, but we don't know who's casting, starring, directing or producing it, so I'm going to wave my speculative wand and decide who should play Joel!

Personally, I think that Hugh Jackman should take on the role of Joel. First of all, he looks a helluva lot like him, and secondly I think that, because he plays mostly serious roles in films, and has played grizzled and serious characters in the past. 

What do you guys think? Would Williams make a good fit for Ellie? And how wrong is my pick for Jackman as Joel? Tell us in the comments below!

Our Partnership!

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Over the past week there's been debates about YouTubers and money, and the fact that people aren't being transparent with their partnerships. Well, that'll never be us, because we're announcing a partnership with a RELIABLE site where you can buy FIFA Ultimate Team coins for all versions of FIFA 14 and 13:! I know what you're thinking, "They're just doing this for the money!". Well, here's two facts that I'm sure will be popular with you!

#1. At no point will we ever make ANY FINANCIAL GAIN from this partnership. The only thing we earn from this is FIFA points, which we'll use to provide FIFA entertainment on our YouTube channel, CMTS Gaming, amongst other videos.

#2. The main reason for this partnership is that we could get all of you guys a discount! So, to any FIFA fans, use the discount code cmtsgaming (All lower case) at the checkout and you'll get a 3% discount!

I hope that you're all happy with this partnership, and if anything ever changes, you'll be the first to find out. Thanks for understanding!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Top 5 Games Of The Year So Far

5. Sportsfriends
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Sportsfriends is the definite local multiplayer game. It has 6 games (2 of which are secret) to choose from, and all are guaranteed to ruin friendships! Super Pole Riders is a 4-player adaptation of Bennett Foody's much loved Pole Riders flash game (It helped me get through French this year!), Joust is a game that doesn't even require a TV; all you need to do is tilt your opponents controllers while keeping yours stable, Barabariball is a weird cross between basketball, football and Gladiators, and Hokra is a minimalist variant on ice hockey. It also includes one of the most tedious trophies of all time. Enjoy!

4. Titanfall
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Many people will question why Titanfall is on this list. Sure, it wasn't a system seller, but it was still an amazingly fun game. The quick framerate means that matches are fast-paced and hugely replayable, the maps have a sense of scale, Pilots are equally as dangerous as Titans, and Titanfall has a story/multiplayer hybrid that has enough narrative to keep you interested, but can still be replayed over and over again without the sense of "been there, done that".

Google May Be Twitchy

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Ustream WeStream, WeAllStream for GoogleStream!

CONFIRMED/FALSE (Cross out applicable) news today, as Google may have purchased streaming site Twitch for $1 billion, according to VentureBeat. However, Google hasn't confirmed this acquisition, and VentureBeat's news is only from "confirmed sources familiar with the matter". However, those sources haven't been revealed, and neither Twitch nor Google has spoken on the matter, so I remain as skeptical as that dog up there. 

Or it could be gas, you never know.

One question arises though: why would Google want to purchase Twitch? YouTube already has streaming capabilities and big YouTube superstars, so why would Google want to buy Twitch for that much if they're the biggest video sharing site in the world? Well, the main reason is that Twitch is YouTube's soul competitor. Sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo and Ustream don't hold a candle to the broadcasting behemoth, and if Google were to acquire Twitch, they would be the supreme overlords of online videos. As well as enhanced streaming capabilities, Twitch would bring in many of their superstars like League Of Legends streamers PhantomL0rd and tsm_theoddone to YouTubes table.

What do you guys think? Would buying Twitch be a good decision for Google? Tell us in the comments below!

Everyone's Destiny

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Thanks to Bungie, the human race is destined to be fat, socially awkward blobs (Until Sunday)

Life-ruining news today, as best PR company in the world but also developers Bungie have decided to make people love them even more by making the Beta open to everyone until it ends on Saturday/Sunday (Depending on your time zone). That's right, anyone without a friend that loves them enough to give them a code (Because who ACTUALLY pre ordered the game? Oh, right) can now play this amazing Beta, as it was told in the sacred manuscripts of the BWho needs Master Chief when you can have Peter Dinklage for free?

(I'm not suggesting that Bungie have enslaved him so they can farm T-Shirts from him, per se)

This new influx of players means that the exclusive emblem that Bungie are offering Beta testers if they play after 10pm BST (2pm PDT) on Saturday won't be as exclusive after all, raising the question that if Bungie are letting everyone play the beta, should they allow players to carry on their stats and profiles?

In my opinion, YES. As pre-orderers (Or friends of pre-orderers) have already put a lot of time into the Beta (And I'm sure they'll put plenty more in) they should be rewarded, and since they've already played quite a bit of the start of the game, shouldn't be made to play it again. On the other hand, people who can't afford to pre-order shouldn't be put on the back burner just because they have less money, and starting everyone off at the same level would give everyone a good experience.

What do you guys think? Should data be carried over or not? Tell us in the comments below!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

SWTOR Lowdown: Party On The PTS

Hi guys, these are the patch notes for game update 2.9 on the Public Test Server ( When the PTS comes online again). This will include the long awaited Galactic Strongholds, Guild Ships and my personal favorite, the new storyline. Bioware has also promised some bug fixes in this patch so that is always good news. Remember that these are pts patch notes and could change at any time so don't get your hopes up! The patch notes will be listed below, after the break!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Winterkewl Melts In Summer

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Yogventures? More like Yoghere'sTUGinstead!

Bad news today, as Yogventure developer Winterkewl Studios have announced that they are going to disband, as founder Kristian Vale told Eurogamer. The main reason behind this is that Yogventures would've never been finished thanks to a limited budget and a lack of business experience on Winterkewl's part. Despite the fact that the Kickstarter garnered $567,000, Yogscast were given $150,000 of the cut, and have not yet announced what they will do with it. The best idea would be to give the customers refunds, as Winterkewl now have virtually no money now.

Still, with backers being given a Steam key of TUG, a game that Yogscast has now partnered with, it raises the question: Are backers getting what they paid for? Sure, they're getting a game, but are they getting the game they wanted? Surely if backers wanted TUG,they would've backed it?

Well, comparing the game's two Kickstarter pages and gameplay videos, the games virtually look the same, bar a Yogscast garnish on Winterkewl's game. They are both multiplayer focused, they are both open-world sandbox games, both encourage using gameplay mechanics to create new worlds, and both have full modding support. I would say that TUG is definitley the best fit for a Yogventures replacement, but what backers really want is Yogventures.

What do you guys think? Does TUG seem like a good replacement? Tell us in the comments below!

Monday, 21 July 2014


Hey guys!

Well this issues will include the patch notes for 2.8.2. This brings us the return of my favourite event: the Relics of the Gree! It doesn't come around very often and is PVP centered so any PVP fan will love this. It's also a great place for guilds to compete in world PVP and see who is actually the best. This is happening on Tomb Of Freedom Naad tomorrow at 8 Pm BST. Also be on the lookout for the new info on forged alliances information and the galactic living series on I will be posting a guide to what has happened so far in the series so you can get up to date ready for launch. 

2.8.2 patch notes.

The Gray Secant has returned from its travels! Participate in the Relics of the Gree event from July 22nd 12:00 GMT to July 29th 12:00 GMT.
Bounty Contract Week returns! The event runs from August 12th 12:00 GMT to August 19th 12:00 GMT.


  • The “Gen’Dai” Codex Entry is now obtainable by both Factions.
  • Republic players are now able to obtain the “Sullustan” Codex Entry.
  • Removed 6 Location and 1 Bestiary Codex entries that were erroneous and not obtainable through gameplay.
  • System Messages are now moveable using the Interface Editor.
  • The Camera Rotation Speed slider now correctly adjusts the speed from 0-100%.
  • Ground textures no longer appear poorly when Texture Anisotropy is turned on if the computer’s graphics card cannot support the option.

Cartel Market

  • The Series 512 Cybernetic Torso now has the appropriate color scheme.
  • The Rest and Recharge item “Chance Cube” now has sound effects.
  • Corrected the tooltips of a number of Super Rare Cartel Market items to properly reflect that they are Ultra Rare, in keeping with their Collections unlock prices.
  • The FR-ST-1 Walker and the Ghorfa Bantha now play footstep sound effects properly while rotating.

Classes + Combat

Jedi Consular
Balance (Shadow)
  • Sever Force no longer interrupts Warzone objective captures.
  • Containment now properly applies a 2 second stun when the Shadow cancels Whirlwind by dealing damage.
Sith Inquisitor
Madness (Assassin)
  • Creeping Terror no longer interrupts Warzone objective captures.
  • Haunted Dreams now properly applies a 2 second stun when the Assassin cancels Whirlwind by dealing damage.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • The Beast of Vodal Kresh encounter in Athiss now resets if the boss is moved too far off of its platform.
  • The Guardians of the Fortress now have the correct damage and health in 8-Player Nightmare Dread Fortress.
  • Some enemies in the Assault on Tython and Korriban Incursion Flashpoints have had their toughness reduced to make for a more enjoyable experience and reduce the length of some of the more difficult engagements. The boss encounters have not been changed.

Missions + NPCs

  • The CZ-198 Missions “Droid Demolition” and “Manual Shutdown” now properly share their completion credit between group members.


  • Credit and Commendation acquisition rates have been returned to normal.

Hope this was helpful, 

Joe :p 


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Gosh, that meme is so mid-2000s. 

Navi-related news today, as ISPs like Virgin, BT and TalkTalk have agreed to send emails to customers that discourage them from pirating content if they discover that they are illegally downloading things on the internet. People really underrate emails, y'know? Emails convinced me to get off of drugs, and my friend's tendency to drink and drive was completely halted when he got an email from the police.

Anyways, after that sarcastic rant, there are certain situations where emails could work. Sure, if an adult was pirating things and was sent an email, it wouldn't give him a reason to stop (Other than the fact that it's illegal) but if a parent was unaware that their kid was downloading things illegally, then they could do something about it. Still, for something that's illegal, you'd think that ISPs would take more drastic action than a simple "Please stop" in your inbox.

Still, the craziest thing about this announcement is that it will cost £3.5 million to fund Creative Content UK, the team behind this lenient idea. Does it really cost that much to look at people's data and send them emails? Surely ISPs would provide the data for free if it was to stop privacy? This is actually one of the craziest and overrated ideas the government came up with, and this is from a group of people that think that punching holes in the ground is an eco-friendly thing to do. Gah.

Are you a pirate? If so, leave your email address in the comments below!