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Anytime Reviews: Cel Damage HD

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Cel Damage HD is developed by Finish Line Games, and is a HD retextured rerelease of the Xbox, Ps2 and Gamecube original made in 2001 by another developer, Pseudo Interactive. You play as one of a cast of multiple different characters in a weird vehicular combat demolition derby TV show called Cel Damage. These characters range from a nerd, a demon, a black and white swearing duck and a lumberjack as well as others. Additional characters and maps can be unlocked through completion of different maps and modes; Smack Attack, which is essentially a free for all; Flag Rally in which you collect flags; and Gate Relay, where you race around a map going through certain checkpoints. A couple of the maps in my opinion, are too small for Gate Relay, which is a race, and suit the other two modes better.

 The gameplay is incredibly arcade like, and has a Twisted Metal meets Mario Kart feel to it. It runs unsurprisingly smoothly, as it is on a next gen console. I never noticed any type of slowdown whatsoever when playing. You go around an arena, picking up powerups and weapons and using them on people to reach an objective. You also get boosts and you can dodge and jump side-ways and forward (kind weird for a racing game). The learning curve is very good- I got into the controls straight away without any prior experience.

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The AI is competent, scaling well with the difficulty they’re set. You are able to tinker with the objectives of each game mode, and there is in fact a co-op mode, which Sam has said was very good last time he played. (I’ve not yet been able to try it out as I only have one controller, but I’ll update the article once I try it at a later date). It could use some online play though, as you don’t usually get friends around and the bots get quite stale after a while.

 The art style is very cartoony, charming and cel-shaded, reflecting the name of the game, but the actual graphics are slightly lackluster. They still seem like they are from the PS2 era, and don’t seem to have much detail, even in the quite humorous cutscenes. Although the simple graphics compliment cartoony-ness, some cartoon like games have managed to add some detail to their textures. The voice acting is nice, as each character has their own personality that kind of relates to their respective stereotypes (Apart from a black and white 1940’s duck. I have no idea what the stereotype of a 1940’s gangster duck is.). Sadly, though, it is slightly forgettable, but I can forgive that as it was released in the early 2000s, and we didn’t have many recognizable (video game) voice actors then.

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Overall, I think that Cel Damage HD is a good throwback to the games of way back then (the PS2 and Gamecube age), staying true to the gameplay and humour, but it lacks any significant changes apart from the system. It runs buttery smooth, but the graphics need slightly more of an update. It also needs some online functionality, as bot behaviour gets kind of repetitive, and I do not like repetitiveness. But still, it’s a good time with friends and is worth your money if you want an arcade style kart racer that is easy to pick up.

Thanks to Daniel Posner from Finish Line Games for the review code!

Saturday Spending Spree: May 24th

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Welcome back to another Saturday Spending Spree, cheapskates! The deal of the week this week is a Lenovo G505 Laptop on Amazon for only £249.99! For a laptop with a 1TB HDD, Windows 8 installed, a 15.6 inch screen, 4GB of RAM, a DVD drive and a webcam, it's a pretty good price! Plus, it has a multi touch mousepad so you can zoom in and out of webpages and Dolby Advanced Audio certified speakers, so you'll definitely be getting a bang for your buck!

Anyways, on with the deals!

Lenovo G505 Laptop: Only £249.99 at Amazon!

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Google Chromecast HD Streamer: Only £30 at Tesco Direct!

Samsung S22D300HY Monitor: Only £89.99 at eBuyer!

Red Dead Redemption (PS3 and Xbox 360): Only £5 at GAME!

Deals are subject to change, so get in there quick!

Magicka: Wizard Wars Alpha Code!

Hi guys!

I've got an exciting giveaway for you guys (I think)! I have a spare Steam code for the Magicka: Wizard Wars closed Alpha, thanks to Gamespot's giveaway, so I've decided to offer it to you guys! The first person to follow the @GadgetsKhajiits Twitter account and tweet to us saying that you want the code will be sent the Steam key over a Personal Message! Good luck!



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Top 5 Alternate History Games!

With the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order, which is set in a world where the Nazis won World War 2, I've decided to do a list of the best games that asked "What would happen if that DIDN'T happen?". I've limited it to one game per series, so this isn't going to be a Red Alert fetish article. Sadly.

5. Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge
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In the Crimson Skies universe, there was never a 'Murica. This is because, in the 1930s, America splintered into different countries that were constantly at war with each other, which meant that nation-wide motorways were never made. This meant that cars and trains were never fully developed, and planes and Zeppelins became the biggest mode of transport. Even though it didn't sell well, the open ended, Crysis-style missions were huge fun to play, the music is so good that it can make a girl instantly grow a beard, and the multiplayer modes were a hoot to play with others. Thank God they ported it to the 360!

4. World In Conflict
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Set in 1989, World Of Conflict is set in a time where the Soviet Union decided to invade the USA and Europe to keep stop them collapsing. The Soviets don't have a good image in games, do they? Anyways, the game is a Company Of Heroes-esque RTS where you're given a certain amount of resources to win a mission. Still, like most games, the multiplayer was the reason for investment, as you took control of one aspect of the army: the Infantry, the Air, the Support and the Armor, and with the special abilities of each unit, matches were always unpredictable. 

3. Command And Conquer: Red Alert
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My favorite RTS ever, Red Alert was my most played PS1 game, and it's safe to say that it was pretty popular. Anyways, the here's the story: Einstein creates a time machine, goes back in time and erases Hitler from existence so WW2 never happens. Sadly, this means that the Soviet Union never defected to the Allied side, and WW2 still happened, except that the Soviets were the bad guys. With memorable characters and live action cutscenes, the presentation of Red Alert was exquisite, and the missions were challenging, yet fun and exciting. With crazy units like Tanya and the memorable Mammoth Tanks, Red Alert was a game about exploding everything. Plus, you could play as both sides!

City Of Content

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For the first time ever in London, Chavs will now be given automatic ASBO machines!

Watch Dogs-esque news today, as in September, Milton Keynes will become the first city to have a full network that can do things like "monitor parking spaces" and make "bins that signal when they need collecting", according to The Telegraph. So basically, this means that the city will be taken over by 10 year old "hackers" who will cause mass pileups. Hooray.

Seriously, though, this is a huge advancement in technology. BT and Cloud technology company Neul are working together to build a more efficient, safe and better city. This means that certain apps can activate when you go to certain areas or other things like that, e.g Park rules automatically appear on your phone when you enter a park, etc. And with telecommunications company Arqiva launching a similar network in May next year in 10 cities, this could be the start of a cool new future!

What do you guys think? Does making an automated city sound like a good idea? Or will it crash in a couple days? Tell us in the comment below!

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Swtor Lowdown: Has The War Spoiled You?

Hi guys,
Joe here with the patch notes from Update 2.8 on the Public Test Server. This is not final and could change at any time. Also, there is a new event on the PTS, a Festival Of Splendor where you can travel to your faction's casino on Nar Shaddaa and you can gamble! ( Still, gambling is a real problem, it's how I lost all my in game money!), you can use slot machines to win cool stuff like mounts and new gear! So, get on down to the Public Test Server and check it out!
Below are the patch notes as they stand, which I got from

Cartel Packs
  • Star Cluster’s Nightlife Pack
  • Club Vertica Nightlife Pack 
New Event: Festival of Splendor! Players can try their hand at Smuggler’s Luck and Kingpin’s Bounty slot machines on Nar Shaddaa for exclusive rewards. The nightlife begins on Republic and Imperial Fleets with intriguing advertisements for the Club Vertica and Star Cluster Casinos.
  • Earn Golden Certificates from Smuggler’s Luck and Kingpin’s Bounty machines and redeem them for prizes.
  • Earn exclusive mount prizes directly from Kingpin’s Bounty machines.
  • Smuggler’s Casino Chips can be purchased with credits or Warzone Commendations.
  • Kingpin’s Casino Chips can be purchased with credits or won from Smuggler’s Luck slot machines.
  • Added Shadow Map options to the Preferences graphics tab:
    • Shadow Map Cascades: Increases the number of shadow maps used by the shadow system. Increasing this will improve quality but reduce performance.
    • Shadow Map Resolution: Increases the effective resolution of the shadows. Applies to interior and exterior shadows. Increasing this will improve quality but reduce performance.
  • Removed 7 unobtainable Codex entries.
Cartel Market
  • Several Pets and Emotes from the Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack are now in Collections as intended.
  • Moods now have a description indicating what slash command they unlock (Ex: /goofy).
  • The item Holoprojector Disguise now indicates in its tooltip that it will break when performing any action besides moving.
Classes + Combat
  • Force Lightning and Telekinetic Throw once again display numbers in their tooltips.
  • Crushing Darkness and Mind Crush once again display the damage they deal in their tooltips.
  • Corrected a typo in the Power Bracers and Riot Augs tooltips.
Jedi Knight 
  • Plasma Blade now increases the damage dealt by burning effects by 7%/14%/21% (up from 2%/4%/6%).
  • Slash now has a 15%/30%/45% chance to activate Mind Sear.
Sith Warrior 
  • Hemorrhage now increases the damage dealt by bleed effects by 7%/14%/21% (up from 2%/4%/6%)
  • Vicious Slash now has a 15%/30%/45% chance to activate Pulverize.
Jedi Consular 
  • Reduced the activation time of Phase walk to 0.5 seconds (down from 1.5 seconds) and increased the maximum duration to 5 minutes (up from 2 minutes).
Sith Inquisitor 
  • Reduced the activation time of Phase walk to 0.5 seconds (down from 1.5 seconds) and increased the maximum duration to 5 minutes (up from 2 minutes).
Galactic Starfighter 
Components + Crew
  • Interdiction Mine damage has been increased, but no longer has Shield Piercing.
  • Feedback Shield’s damage has been increased and now correctly activates off of Primary Weapon attacks.
  • Buffed Fortress Shield to increase shield strength by 130%.
  • The Korrigan Turn is now unlockable on the Jurgoran Gunship.
  • The GSS-4Y Jurgoran and the SGS-S1 Condor can now properly upgrade their Retro Thrusters.
Items + Economy
  • Devastating Vengeance relics no longer activate from both dealing damage and healing within the same rate limit.
  • Scrap Peddler Lockbox has been added to the PvP Items Vendor on the Republic and Imperial Fleets for 600 Warzone Commendations. This Lockbox gives a random Jawa Scrap item that can be exchanged at the Scrap Peddlers in the Cartel Bazaar.
That's all for today. Hope it helps!

Joe :p 

Sam's Exclusinterview with Daniel Posner!

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Just over a week ago, Finish Line Games made an HD remake of a beloved kart racing game of mine, Cel Damage, a game in which you played as one of 6 characters on a TV show called Cel Damage. The aim of the show? Well, kill everybody, maybe? Anyways, Carlo will be reviewing this amazing game on the weekend, and I've managed to secure an interview with Co-Founder and President of Finish Line Games, Daniel Posner! So sit back and  try not to get killed by that gangster duck!

Gadgets And Khajiits: How long did it take to port Cel Damage from PS2 to PS4, and how hard was it?

Daniel Posner: Three of us worked on it part time for a year with additional art, design, QA team members helping out in the final few months. The final months were mostly full time - finalizing a project is never easy. Overall, though, it was very straightforward development and I would not consider it hard.

G&K: Are any of the guys at Finish Line Games big Cel Damage fans?

DP: Heck ya! Fowl Mouth (A 1930's gangster duck) and Violet (A teenage demon) are my favorite characters.

G&K: Would you ever consider making a fully-fledged Cel Damage sequel?

DP: It was always a possibility to make a sequel. We are going to see how the game does this year and re-evaluate the feasibility of developing a sequel.

G&K: Last of all, what are the PS2 games that you personally would want ported to the PS4?

DP: Personally, I was a huge fan of the original Guitar Hero - there was something magical about it. Not sure it makes sense to port that over now though :)

So, that was a short exclusive interview with Daniel Posner! Make sure to follow him on Twitter @daniel_posner, and if you like the sound of it, buy Cel Damage HD for Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita!

Also, watch out for our review on the weekend! 

What To Play At... MCM London Comic-Con!

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MCM London Comic Con is the UK's biggest gaming event (Along with Eurogamer), and there's a helluva lot to do there. Big companies like Capcom, Nintendo and Namco Bandai will be there, so here's a couple tips about what games to play there!

Mario Kart 8
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London Comic Con will be the first chance for anyone in the UK to play Mario Kart 8, which releases in 8 days and looks to be the most innovative yet! The most talked about feature is the ability to go zero-gravity in some parts of the racetracks, and race up walls and upside down! Plus, the flying and floating carts from Mario Kart 7 will be back, and the much loved motorbikes from Mario Kart Wii are also making their return to the Cheeto-dusted screen! What's not to love?
GRID Autosport
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Like Mario Kart 8, GRID Autosport hasn't been shown anywhere else in the UK yet, so make sure to get your hands on it! The sequel to the average GRID 2, Autosport looks to give the franchise it's mojo back with tons of different car types, including Touring Cars, Muscle Cars and more, more than 100 races, and a fully fledged career mode! Oh yeah, and Cockpit View is returning.

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If you went to the Gadget Show Live this year, you would've got the chance to play Evolve, a co-op game with a twist: you're all being hunted down by a huge monster controlled by a fifth player. The more the monster kills, the more it evolves and gets stronger. Plus, there'll be many different types of monsters to brown your trousers to!

Ultra Street Fighter 4
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I know what you're thinking. "Sheesh, what's this, like, the gajillionth Street Fighter 4?". Well, yes, you're probably right. There are more Street Fighter 4's then there are atoms on this planet, but that doesn't mean that Ultra Street Fighter 4 isn't going to be a good game! With 5 new characters, new stages and moveset tweaks, Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the excuse to buy one of those HARDCORE MLG PRO fighter controllers!

At London Comic Con, there'll also be a ton of events going on at the Game Zone stage! On Saturday, there'll be an hour long demo of new MMO Wildstar and the Traveller's Tales team will talk about developing LEGO games, while on Sunday there'll be the chance to play Trials Fusion and Sportsfriends with various different people, a GRID Autosport Fastest Lap Challenge and the chance to beat Capcom at Ultra Street Fighter 4 and win prizes.

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Wayback Wednesday: Haemimont Games!

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With Tropico 5 coming out in 2 days, we're going to take a peek into the history of it's creator Haemimont Games, which is officially that hardest game company's name to spell. Sad times.

It all started in September 1997, when a group of Bulgarians in Sofia were asked to create a Real Time Strategy game that hadn't been done before. At that moment, Haemimont Games was born, and they had already started the 3 year development of their first ever game, Tzar: Burden Of The Crown. Fast forward to March 2000, and Tzar had been released to some success. Playing as either the Europeans, Asians or Arabians, you had to develop your technology far enough so you could beat the enemy. With a map editor and 8 player multiplayer, it was ahead of it's time.

A month later, development started for their second game, Celtic Kings, an RTS set in Celtic times. It was actually funded entirely by the profit that Haemimont had made from Tzar! 2 years later, Celtic Kings was released to critical acclaim, garnering an 87 from Gone Gold, a 4.5 out of 5 by Computer Gaming World and the same score from Games Domain. With huge maps, scenario editors and more, Celtic Kings was another success.
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The next year, development started for quick-paced RTS game Rising Kingdoms, and that same year the first expansion to Celtic Kings, Celtic Kings: The Punic Wars was released. With two new factions, 2 new campaigns plus new maps, sound effects and music were enough to get The Punic Wars a 86% on Gamers' Hall. Then, in April 2004, development started on Glory of the Roman Empire, another historical RTS (You can see a bit of a theme here.) and in October another expansion to Celtic Kings, The Great Battles of Rome, was released to more critical acclaim.

The next year, on June 17 after being in development for 2 years, Rising Kingdoms was released to good critical acclaim, mainly for it's fast paced gameplay, long campaign and powerful "Champion" units that could make any match unpredictable and turn it on it's head. It was also that year that it was revealed that the Celtic Kings franchise had sold over 1 million copies of the original game and it's expansion. Then, in January 2006, Celtic Kings: The Great Battles Of Rome won the Spanish Double Platinum award for selling over 160,000 copies in Spain in just one year!


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Microsoft have unveiled a new word! (Also, this random laptop thingie)

Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 tablet has been unveiled in a New York event, and because it's all-in-one gimmick, the Surface Twitter account has created a new word: Lapability, which means "The ability to get things done comfortably from your lap with the all-new #SurfacePro3". I may be mistaken, but that sounded like a marketing campaign!

Anyways, VP of Microsoft's Surface division, Panos Panay, said in a statement that "You'll love being able to carry a single device for your next class, workday or weekend getaway knowing you have all the power you'll need.". Sure, nothing beats lying down next to the pool on a beautiful Spanish morning and... typing up a Word document. Seriously, though, with the ability to buy a Surface Pro 3 with a Intel i7 processor, the Surface Pro 3 could actually compete with the likes of MacBooks and Chromebooks , after being the laughing stock.

What do you guys think? Will you plan on buying the next Surface Pro? Or do you already have a Surface? Tell us in the comments below!

(I found out about this story at

Legalize Weed (Firm)

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Apple + Weed = Broken Promises

According to TechnologyTell, Apple App Store game Weed Firm, a game in which you manage a (You guessed it!) marijuana "farm" and deal with addicted punters, has been taken off of the App Store as soon as it reached the number 1 spot. The fishy thing is that for the game to get onto the App Store, it would first have to be approved by Apple. Cue Apple press release where they say "We dunno... maybe we were high or something?".

Well, at least it's less controversial than ******* and ******** Simulator 2014!

What do you guys think? Did you find Weed Firm offensive? Or did you think that it was just a silly game? Tell us in the comments below!

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Hi Guys!

Due to exams and other stuff, and I haven't been able to post much lately, so I'm sorry about that. Still I've got some stuff to announce!

Lately, I've been speaking to some successful and cool journalists, namely Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell, Official Xbox Magazine UK's Jon Hicks and Play Magazine's Luke Albiges, and I've decided to make some changes that will make Gadgets And Khajiits a cooler blog for all you guys. The first change was the Twitter account, and I've got two others!

1. Sadly, I'm discontinuing a couple of weekly articles. 1 V Monday, You Lose Tuesday and Kickstarting Thursday will all be gone, mainly because I'm already running out of ideas and I don't enjoy writing them, unlike other articles. In place of them, depending on the time I have, I will publish one off articles like previews, opinion articles or other kinds of articles! Don't worry, this change is for the best!

2. Come May 27th, with the release of Watch_Dogs, we will be starting a YouTube Channel! It will be called CMTS Gaming, which is the first letter of our names, Sam (Me), Carlo (Anytime Reviews Guy), Michael (Facebook dude) and Tom (New guy). Mostly we'll do Lets Plays through new games, and overall Reviews of them as well, but at times we'll do other messing around videos like Steam Roulette, GTA V Multiplayer and other fun things.

Hope you guys are looking forward to the changes, and I hope they improve the experience for you!



Shoulda Sent Me A WUPHF

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*Insert The Office Joke Here*

After trying to beat Snapchat once with Poke (Which was ended last week), Facebook have decided to try surpass the secure snapper app with their own safe messaging app called Slingshot. It'll be coming out this month, and unlike with Poke, Mark Zuckerberg will be personally spearheading the app's development. I mean, if you didn't already know, Zuckerberg created Facebook, so this could actually be a pretty good app.

Still, WUPHF will always be better.

The reason that Facebook is competing with Snapchat is because they can't buy it and it's one of the most popular apps out there. 3 times Facebook tried to buy Snapchat, and every time they declined, which was a good call considering how popular Snapchat is now!

What do you guys think? Will Slingshot be able to beat Snapchat with Zuckerberg at the helm? Or will Snapchat stay popular? Tell us in the comments!

A Cut Above The Rare-st

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Trust me, these aren't good cuts of beef.

Sad news today, as Rare have been forced to cut staff because of the disappointment and flop Kinect Sports Rivals, a game that was supposed to be the selling point of the Xbox One's Kinect but actually turned out to be it's semi-downfall, as a Kinect-less Xbox One console was announced earlier this month. Sadly, 16 developers will be released, and Rare's future is currently in limbo. They aren't in financial travel, but Kinect Sports was really Rare's only IP, and since that's probably ended I can't imagine what Rare will work on next. 

A suggestion that many people have said is that Rare revives one of it's old franchises. I'm sure that many people would welcome another Banjo Kazooie game, and with the success of Deadpool, many people would love another comedic Conker game. Still, best of luck to Rare and all the staff who were let go, and lets hope that the Great And Mighty Poo doesn't trouble them any more. Stupid poop.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see one of Rare's old franchises revived? Or would you like a new IP from Rare? Tell us in the comments below!

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Poll Results!

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Last week, I asked you guys whether you bought a Current-Gen console so you could check out some new groundbreaking games, or whether you stuck with your last-gen console because there are plenty of great games for it. Well, a whopping 100% of you thought that last-gen is still the best, and with games like Dark Souls 2 and South Park: The Stick Of Truth staying on the PS360 wagon, there's no point in buying a new console!

Well, I half agree with you guys here. I have a PS4 and I have been playing Assassin's Creed 4 a helluva lot on it, but the Xbox 360's Games With Gold program keeps pulling me back, especially with the recent edition of Saints Row The Third. Still, I'm going to have to make a decision, and I'm going to agree with you guys. Sure, the PS4 has some great games, but there are no "cheap" games for the PS4, so I'm constantly going back to my "vintage" Xbox 360!

Make sure to vote in the next poll and join in the discussion on our Twitter or Facebook pages if you want!

OneFone, TwoFone, RedFone, BlueFone!

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In Foneland, the streets are paved with GoldFones, and MoneyFones rain from the sky!

SPECTACULAR 3 DIMENSIONAL news today, as OwnFone, the company that produces minimalist, easy to use phones that you can make on their website, is now making a phone for people affected by blindness! After making easy to use phones for children and senior citizens, OwnFone is now using 3D printers to create Braille (A writing system used by the blind. Thanks Wikipedia!) phones, which means that OwnFone will be the first ever company in the world to release a Braille phone!

The Braille OwnFone will cost £60, and works just the same as a normal OwnFone: you make personalised buttons that are assigned to numbers, then you click the button and Voila! You're calling Steve from the naturists club! Still, keep in mind that this is probably only the start of Braille phones. Indian startup company Kriyate are releasing a Braille phone next year, and soon enough I'm sure companies like Samsung and Nokia will join the fray!

(Maybe) Unveiling: YouTwitch

Photo from
Larry Page has got a $1 billion twitch, but it ain't a disease...

Crazy news today, as Google, according to news site Variety, are apparently in talks about a $1 billion buyout of live streaming site Twitch, which is no doubt the biggest live streaming site at the moment with over 1 million different broadcasters every month. The only competitors Twitch really has are Ustream and YouTube (Owned by Google), meaning that this acquisition of Twitch could mean big bucks in advertising revenue for Google as all Twitch streamers will probably be forced to stream on YouTube instead. You gotta spend money to make money!

Twitch also plays a big part in the eSports world, and Google's omniscient presence in the world will surely attract more viewers for competitions like the Call Of Duty World Championships and other big events. Really, if Larry Page can pull this off, then this could be a win-win-win situation!

What do you guys think? Do you want Google to buy Twitch? Or does Google's large presence in the world put you off? Tell us in the comments below!  

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End Of The Week Extravaganza: May 18th!

Gamers have been hugged to death by Ubisoft and 343 Industries this week, as two HUGE announcements have been made for games! First up, Far Cry 4 has been announced! It'll be coming out in November this year, and will come out for both next gen and last gen consoles, plus PC! It'll be set in the fictional Himalayan region of Kyrat, where you will fight a tyrant king. Seems like Far Cry to me! Also, Halo 5: Guardians has been announced, and it will come out in Autumn (Or as you Yanks call it, "Fall") next year, and will be exclusively on Xbox One! That's all we currently know, but there are rumors that there may be a second playable character in the campaign, much like there was Master Chief and the Arbiter in Halo 3. All in all, a great week!

Sadly, it's also been a bad week for game releases, as my most anticipated game of the year, Tom Clancy's The Division, is now my most anticipated game of NEXT year. That's right, The Division has been delayed until Q2 next year, because they "don't want to compromise on quality". It's a pretty similar reason to why Watch_Dogs and The Crew (The 2 games, not the non-existent terrible rap group) were delayed, so at least it'll be better game!

Sadly, the worst news is that many game companies have been losing money. After the report that Nintendo had lost quite a bit of money, other companies have released their fiscal year results, and they ain't exactly Richard Branson material. Ubisoft, for one, have lost approximately £40.1 million , a FAR CRY (Get it?) from the previous year's approximate £56.3 million pound profit. Also, Sony have lost £746 million and aren't expecting another good year. Still, it isn't much of a surprise that EA stocks are up...


Hi Guys!

The Gadgets And Khajiits Twitter page is up, so if you'd like to taste the blog in 140 characters or just like clicking on links, make sure to follow it here!

Thanks guys!


Sam's Opinion Of... Motion Control.

It ain't all millions and billions in Motion Control Town.

When the Wii was introduced to the world, we all went crazy. Everyone, gamers and non gamers alike, knew that we were one step into the future. Sure, back then we were just playing tennis and baseball, but everybody thought that in the future, WE would be the controller. Sure, successful games like The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Xenoblade Chronicles wouldn't have been as groundbreaking if not for the Wii Remote, but games like Super Smash Bros: Brawl and New Super Mario Bros Wii proved that controllers weren't going away quietly, and soon enough, after a couple of years of success, the Wii was surpassed by the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and soon enough motion control wasn't so popular any more.

Flash forward to today, and after the underwhelming receptions of the Kinect, the Wii U and the Kinect's successor, it's become quite clear that controllers are here to stay, and with games like Fighter Within and Kinect Sports Rivals coming out for the Xbox One as early as last month and still being full of glitches, it's been proven that motion control needs A LOT of time before it can become the technological marvel that it should have been. But why has it been so unsuccessful?

Well partly because of the price. The original Kinect costed £100, and a Kinect-less Xbox One is £100 cheaper than usual. No one is prepared to pay the price for an add on to their console if it means that you'll also have to buy another game with it. Sure, the new Playstation Camera comes with The Playroom, a tech demo, it really doesn't break any ground, and is just a little gimmick.

The second reason is the variety of games. It is true that the casual audience is a big one in gaming, and that there are many successful casual games out there, but constantly releasing dancing and sports games is getting motion control nowhere. Of course there are failed games like Blackwater and Rise of Nightmares that tried to break into the shooter genre, but all they were were light-on-substance versions of games that millions of people play.

The third and last BIG reason is the outbreak of VR. Virtual Reality has become somewhat of a hot topic right now, with Facebook buying Oculus so it can give the Rift to bigger audiences and Sony announcing their Project Morpheus, and it's pushing motion control out of the picture. With motion control, you control the game with your body, but with Virtual Reality, you are actually IN the game. Add the presence of big marketing campaigns and big money into the mixture, and Motion Control doesn't seem as appealing any more.