Tuesday, 13 May 2014

SWTOR Lowdown: Mountastic News!

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Today Eric Musco addressed concerns about exclusive PVE mounts and non exclusive PVP mounts. Here is the article bellow explaining the way mounts will be distributed in PVP and PVE. This news came from http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=7418705#edit7418705

And here it is:

'Hey everyone,
I know there has been a bit of frustration from our PvP community regarding a Rancor mount going into the Cartel Market. Although I had mentioned at the time that there would be Rancor mounts coming to both the CM and Operations, I thought it would be good to explain our philosophy on mounts. Especially around their exclusivity.
For PvP mounts, such as Season rewards, what you are going to tend to find is that they are exclusive variations of a mount and not necessarily a completely exclusive model (not to say we would never do an exclusive model, that is always possible). For example, you will not find a Rancor that looks anything like Giradda’s Rancor, but you can find other Rancor mounts. Aside from the unique appearance, what sets this mount apart is exclusivity. That variation is not only exclusive in appearance, but it is only available for a limited time. Meaning anyone who comes into the game now, or who was not Tier 1 during Season 1, can never acquire that mount. Although I can understand that having a unique variant, and not a unique mount, can seem less exciting. It actually ends up being more exclusive in the long term!
For mounts that come from Operations, such as the Wings of the Architect, we treat these a bit differently. As you can tell from the Wings, and other mounts such as Titan-6, they are themed directly around the Operation where they drop. Our intent is that this will stay that way and those mounts will remain exclusive to those Operations. However, one thing that is different here than with the PvP mount, is that these mounts will always be present in-game. This means that although right now, only some of the best Operations players in the world have these mounts, in time they will become more accessible as new content is released.
I hope that clears up our approach to putting mounts in the game, and explains a bit about how we handle exclusivity around those mounts.'

Above is the mount in question that may be in the cartel market. And this is what made pvpers angry as they are no longer exclusive. I personally feel that PVP and PVE should both get exclusive mounts as you have done something to achieve them unlike the cartel market where you just buy themes, what do YOU think? Tell us in the comments below!

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If you're wondering about why there haven't been that many articles lately, it's because I've got my end of year exams next week and I've been revising, so I haven't had much time to blog! I promise to blog when I can, plus there's a guaranteed review this weekend as well! Thanks so viewing this site so much, and I hope that you all stay!



Monday, 12 May 2014

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Something beginning with "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"

Sad news today, as EA have confirmed that 50 of their games won't be playable online after June 30th, as the server provider Gamespy is shutting down. Most of the titles aren't too big of a loss, mainly out of date sports games, but there are some heavy hitters. The Battlefield series is hugely affected by this, as Battlefields 1942, 2, 2: Modern Combat, 2142 and Vietnam will all lose their online support. Other big games losing their online include the PS3 version of Bulletstorm and the PS2 and PC versions of both Star Wars: Battlefronts 1 and 2. Sheesh, when have EA ever released bad news?

The reason that Gamespy is closing is because its being bought up by Glu Mobile, a publisher that focuses on (You guessed it!) mobile games. Glu have decided to shut down support for all console games, so it can concentrate on making servers for mobile games. But that's not the bad thing. The bad thing is that EA will now have to make the online for their games.

What do you guys think? Do you play any of the affected games? And will you miss them? Tell us in the comments below!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

End Of The Week Extravaganza: May 11th!

Other than changing colours randomly, the light bar on the PS4 Dualshock 4 controller did absolutely nothing, bar annoyingly reflecting off everyone's TV. For ages, people have been questioning why the light bar was even included, and the fact that you can't even turn it off, only dim it, raised more confusion. However, all has finally been revealed, as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Senior Designer Jed Ashforth  complexly explained that "It was tracking for VR." in an interview with TechRadar. Sheesh, they weren't asking for your life story!

Netflix have announced that they are raising their monthly prices in the UK by £1. ONE WHOLE POUND? We're not all Richard Branson in England! Anyways, at least current subscribers will still pay the original £6 price for a further 2 years. The reason for this higher price is explained in an email sent out by Netflix to its subscribers, saying that "In order to continue adding more films and TV programmes, we are increasing our price from £5.99 to £6.99 for new members.". I'm not sure when the price will take effect, but my guess is probably the end of this month. So, if you don't want to eat Sainsbury's basic Baked Beans, then buy Netflix today!

You've probably heard of Tomodachi Life. It's a game where literally everything that wouldn't happen in real life happens. From Reggie Fils-Aime getting in a fight with Satoru Iwata to two people running along the beach in Mario and Peach costumes. Sadly, this also means that there won't be gay relationships in the game. Many people have protested, and Nintendo hit back, saying that Tomodachi Life isn't a full life simulator and therefore wouldn't have gay marriage, but then redacted those comments and apologized, saying that it would be too big to put in an update, but if a Tomodachi Life gets a sequel, it will definitely be in it. Good Nintendo.

Raucous Reviews: The Last Tinker: City Of Colors

Ever thought there would be a light-hearted version of Assassin's Creed in which you play as a acrobatic fighting monkey? Well, here it is!

The Last Tinker's story is this: in a land called Tinkerworld, the Red, Blue and Green people are at war with each other. The only place where there is no conflict is Colortown, where all three colors live together. You play as Koru, a kid who aims to stop the war and make Tinkerworld creative again. Sure, it sounds like a bedtime story for a 6 year old, but it actually tackles issues like racism, all the while still keeping quite light hearted.

The art style is beautiful, with a colorful land that looks like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon, calm and soothing music, and hand painted environments that are a far cry from the gritty, dark games that we have today. Still, by no means is The Last Tinker a kids game, despite looking like one, as it has great combat and traversal systems that I'll get onto later.

The greatest thing about The Last Tinker is it's traversal system that bears a striking resemblance to the likes of Assassin's Creed's. There are many ways to get around, like climbing up vines, hopping from obstacle to obstacle and plain old sprinting, all which can be done by simply pressing the spacebar and the direction you want to go in. It may sound too basic and easy, but it's actually fun and easy to use, and always works the way you want it to. By far the best method, though, is the Cargo Rail, a system of ropes that lets you cover long distances quickly and lets you see the beautiful world.

The combat, however, excels in some places, while it fails in others. The great part about it is the dodging system, which lets you dodge in any direction effectively, and the color mechanics, where you can use Red, Blue and Green powers to scare, anger and sadden your enemies. Sadly, the normal combo attacks just feel like you repeatedly mash one button to win, and the counter attack system is hugely ineffective, as it offers no advantage over any other attack.

The Last Tinker: City Of Colors is game that combines light-hearted environments and atmospheres with a seriously good traversal system and lots of combat. Its a game that will keep you entertained for hours, and is so much more than a platformer aimed at kids. Mimimi Productions not only have an amazing name, but they've got a game that harkens back to the great 3D platformers of the early noughties, while at the same time adding new, modern mechanics.

Great Traversal System
                                                                                                                Lots of button-mashing
Beautiful Environments
                                                                                                                 Counter attacks aren't special
Cool Powers

A huge thanks to Johannes Roth from Mimimi Productions for giving us a review code!