Saturday, 22 March 2014

Poll Results!

Last week I asked you guys if you thought that South Park: The Stick Of Truth's censorship was either fitting and necessary, because things like abortion mini games are too adult and (Posh word alert!) vulgar to put in a video game, or if you thought that since it's South Park's type of humor, and the fact that it's game is clearly rated an 18+, means that it shouldn't be censored, as it takes away what the show does best. Well, a whopping 100% of you thought that the censoring was unnecessary!

I have to agree with you guys here, as, even though some of the things in the game are quite questionable, it's all light hearted and fun, instead of just trying to be plain offensive. If it can be on TV and be accessible to everybody, then why can't it be on a game that can only be sold to 18+ year olds!

Anyways, make sure to vote in the new poll and tell us what you think in the comments!

Ubisoft Need A Plumber...

Cuz they be leaking like crazy!

Good news for Blade Buddies, as more info on Assassin's Creed Unity has been leaked and a trailer has been released! We now know for sure that Unity will be set in England and France during the French Revolution, but this will be a next-gen (Or current gen, i guess!) only game, with another Assassin's Creed to be announced (Hopefully) for last-gen systems. There have also been some rumors going around that the hero's name is Arno. That's all we've got to go on so far, but with the help of artists, we can get a helluva lot more information! We may just see a guillotine in the trailer, but they see... a new expansive multiplayer mode! What... that's not how art works? Forget it.

Also, for people that are still looking for the definition of insanity, some details for Far Cry 4 have been leaked as well! It's set in the Himalayas and will be released early next year, plus monsters will be returning from the original Far Cry! I don't know whether this will be an over the top actiony game like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, or a deep, psychopathic game like Far Cry 3, but what I DO know is that there will be ridable Elephants! SOLD!

Anyways, what do you guys think about the settings for these games? Will the Himalayas be hard to navigate in a game like Far Cry? And is 16th Century Paris a good setting for an Assassin's Creed game? Tell us in the comments below!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Top 5 Shortest Games!

I'm doing this Top 5 in honor of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, which you can actually beat in about 10 minutes. On with the disappointment!

5. Dear Esteban
A parody of the first person art game that doesn't require any skill or effort in any way Dear Esther, Dear Esteban only takes about 5 minutes to complete, as it doesn't make you make any choices or complete any tasks, just walk around and look at a bleak, boring island that can only be understood by "true artists". Until a giant whale flies in, and then you start to realize that this game is just taking the mick. You would probably expect it, as it was made in an event where developers made a game in a genre that they hated. Beautiful

4. Passage
Also taking about 5 minutes to complete, Passage, made by Jason Rohrer, is a really deep game about life, death and the costs and benefits of marriage. It's so artsy that it mas actually inducted into the Museum Of Modern Art in New York, and trust me, that is REALLY artsy. I'm not gonna talk about this game much, since I don't like deep games. I much prefer games where you can fight a GIANT ENEMY CRAB with the hairs on your middle toe. Don't ask why.

3. Those Darn Nipples!
Okay, this is a little too weird. Play it if you wish, but it'll be over in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, so it won't last long thankfully. The joy of indie games.

2. You Have To Burn The Rope!
Coming in at an impressive 1 minute and 20 seconds, You Have To Burn The Rope was made by a Swede (Which is pretty irrelevant) and is a platformer where you navigate through a small level, and you are told exactly what you're supposed to do. At the end of the level is the Grinning Colossus boss, and all you have to do is burn the rope that is attached to the chandelier. SPOILERS!

1. Run Jesus Run
This is the best game I've ever played, and since it's number 1 on this list, the shortest one, too. I completed this game in about 45 seconds, but it's still a great game! The controls are left and right arrow keys to run, and spacebar to Do Jesus Things. Have you played it yet?

What so you guys think? Have you played games shorter than these? Tell us in the comments below!

Justice In The Form Of Shakespeare!

To me, justice is a dish best served by Romeo And Juliet, King Henry VIII, Hamlet, King Lear, and many, many more.

A citizen of Bristol took the law into his own hands a couple of days ago when he found a reasonably priced PS3 bundle on Gumtree and quickly ordered it, but the seller took the money and ran off, as he was a scammer. There must have been high splunge readings on that day. (Futurama reference!) Anyways, after visiting the police and being told that there was a very slim chance that they would be able to find the scammer, he decided to text the entire works of Shakespeare to him.

Much more effective than yo mama jokes, i would say.

However, these aren't just huge messages; Joseph The Scammed (As i shall call him) has copied and pasted tiny amounts of his works into texts, so teh scammer is pretty much getting hundreds of texts every hour. And guess what? He's been doing it for a WEEK now. People, give that man the job of Commissioner, because this punishment is a helluva lot more effective than prison! It's the modern equivalent of Chinese Water Torture! We could abolish the death penalty people!

I know that this article seemed a little off topic, but a PS3 was involved in it, so it counts!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Kickstarting Thursday with Chaos Reborn!

Chaos Reborn is made by the people who made the original XCOM, which is a game no one except pure 90s kids will remember. Chaos Reborn is based on the ZX Spectrum game Chaos which, but it isn't really a sequel, more of a complete revamp of it. In Reborn, there will be tough decisions, unique levels and varied battles to keep you on your toes. There will be an RPG single player mode where you play as a wizard who can control and summon many different monsters, but there will also be competitive multiplayer and co op as well, so there should be some definite replay value with Chaos Reborn!

Let's start with the story, shall we! The Chaos world is contested between two sets of gods, the Gods of Law and the Gods of Chaos. There is a war between the two sets of Gods and their respective followers, but the Gods of Law ultimately win, and they decide to install Wizard Kings on every island to keep the peace. The Gods of Chaos decide to hide their artifacts in caves, hoping that their followers will find them and help them regain control. You play as a Wizard Apprentice, who sets out to become a God so he can control the world. A pretty bog standard RPG story, but the being-a-god part really makes it interesting.

The core gameplay is Wizard Battles, which are turn-based combat battles that are fought in an arena. There are 80 spells to cast and 24 creatures to summon, including some from the original Chaos that probably no one will remember, and the arenas are randomly generated, so you'll always have a different battle to fight, and many different modes to play! And that's just the single player battles! The multiplayer battles are are quite similar, but contain players and AI to add variation to the battles! There are co op battles, plus there will be leagues, leaderboards and tournaments to contest.

The system of the game is to go to each realm and defeat the Wizard Lords and, once you've beaten all of the Lords, you can challenge the Wizard King. If you defeat the King, you then gain artifacts and treasure, which you can spend on equipment like body gear and staffs. There are new randomly generated realms every day, and you can also design your own for others to play, so there's really an infinite amount of levels to play: one thing that hugely justifies the price! You can level up your wizard and your items, plus you can upgrade your spells and learn more by finding Spell Books scattered about.Your Wizard changes stats and abilities entirely dependent on what items you give him. There are three categories: Staff, Body Gear and Head Gear, all of which can be scavenged, found, bought and leveled up!

Chaos Reborn will be completed at about May 2015, so you've got a while to wait, but I recommend funding this! As of the time of writing, it is 38% funded, and still has 27 days to go, so you've got lots of time to make your decision! It only costs $20 to get the game DRM free, plus you get alpha and beta access, and a PDF of the artbook and game guide, plus a downloadable soundtrack. If you want to splash the cash though, you can spend $5,000 and get the game, the artbook, the game guide, the soundtrack on CD, personalized equipment, the ability to be a God in the game and have it modeled to your likeness and the ability to choose your bio and what you're the god of, plus you can bless your followers (don't ask me what that means.), you'll have a god aura around your character, you will be a ruler of a world that has battles by itself where you can earn XP and gold from, you will have your own guild which you can recruit people for and name, plus you get access to the god forums on the Chaos Reborn website, your name will be in the credits as a Supreme Benefactor (Don't ask me what that means either!) and you will be invited to the launch party in London where you can meet with the developers!

Make sure to fund Chaos Reborn at!

EE? More Like EA!

Except EA don't have Kevin Bacon.

After EE was voted was voted Best Mobile Operator in the UK on Tuesday, EE pretty much undid that award after some of their unlucky Bacon Worshipers in places like Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester were unable to text, use 4G and, most importantly, MAKE CALLS. I mean, everyone goes crazy for phone calls, right? Or am I just living in 2001? Anyways, EE is blaming the network failure, which happened from Wednesday evening until Tuesday morning, on "gremlins". And we thought that they were satisfied with breaking planes. Greedy eejeets!

However, EE has managed to fix the problem pretty quickly, so that's all fine and dandy. It's good that they did, as 24.9 million people are subscribed to EE, which is a pretty meteoric rise since they were founded in 2012! This is really the first problem EE have had in a long time, and that's probably the reason why it's been voted the UK's Best Mobile Operator. So it's REALLY not like EA at all. Never ever forever never ever.

What do you guys think? Were you affected by the network drop? Or is this just a minor incident that you isn't that important? Tell us in the comments below!

Sport Relief!

Hi Guys

I just want to say that I'm running 6 Miles in Brighton for Sport Relief, and if anyone wants to sponsor me, you can do so here.



Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Windy Forge!

Hi guys!

Joe here with a review of Windforge. This game, as always, will be judged on the graphics, game play, story and soundtrack as well as the UI and custom features so you guys know what you're in for. This game was made by Snowed In Studios and is available on Steam, Desura and the Humble Store.
Let me start of with some background information, so lets meet our character!
You can create a character with some basic choices e.g hair colour, gender etc and choose an occupation of your character. I chose a male butcher with blue hair! ;) These choices will affect how your character looks and feels at the start of  the game.

Character Customization

The story of this game is not what i expected at all! When i heard of this game I was expecting something to do with wizards or magical forces in some unknown land. Anyway the story starts on Cordeus, a town dependent on mining whale oil, as all the food and technology comes from this oil. However the number of sky whales are going extinct so your character is enlisted to find a new source of energy for the town. Ancient people named the Aetherkin had exotic sources of energy. Energy more powerful than anything any human has ever seen. Unfortunately, research related to the Aetherkin is strictly forbidden by law. It is up to you to find this energy without being caught...

Story - 3 & 4

This game is an RPG platformer that is set in a steampunk world. There are many craftable items and you even get to fly your own airship. What's not to love ?? The unchangeable key bindings are very annoying when playing this game; maybe something they could change in the future. One fun feature of gameplay is there is no barriers; you can break everything and with no invisible walls the possibilities are endless. Another key point of gameplay is that your decisions can reflect on how the world evolves. 

What's not to love.

The difficult controls and inventory screens let this game down. To start I couldn't work out what I was doing for a while, which is not good for a first time player of this game. Also the story is narrated with pictures.  With text based story the game was hard to get into which was really disappointing as it had so much promise. The graphics were OK, nothing too amazing but the animation did fit the steam punk feel of the game, so they did well on that!

Why this game is cool 

The originality of the story is very good and the whole feel of the game is just very nice. Personally I haven't seen another game out there that is done quite like this one. Also the soundtrack is amazing. I really like soundtracks of games so hats off to the audio team for that. For me the story was the selling point of the game so I am glad that it delivered. 


This game was good. I was pleased with the outcome but it's nothing amazing. As Snowed In Studios' first major game, I think it may put them on the map so who knows what's on the cards! 
Graphics: The graphics were suitable but could have been better, maybe some crisper imagery and smoother animation sequences. 
Story: The story was very good. In my opinion I enjoyed the game and I feel it was the strongest part of the RPG. 
Soundtrack: The score by Mike O.K was sweet. I am a sucker for good audio so this really boosted the whole game for me adding so much to the story.
Gameplay: This is what let this game down. The key bindings and inventory screens really disappointed me. Some of the controls were hard and the actions could be a bit more in depth.

This game was very entertaining, I enjoyed playing it so I recommend that you guys check it out and keep an eye out for this developer as you never know what's around the corner. SHOUT OUT to Jennifer Chorlton who sent us a review copy of the game, your the best! :) 

THE SCORE: out of 10 I give this game an 6.5 as there was a lot to improve on, but all in all a solid game!

Hope you liked the review and make sure to check out the game if it sounds good to you!

Have fun 

Joe :)  

Facebook Page!

Hi Guys!

I'd just like to say that Gadgets And Khajiits has a new Facebook Page at, so make sure to visit it if you want to keep up with the latest articles on Gadgets And Khajiits! It's run by new guy Michael!



Wayback Wednesday: THQ!

Sure, they created amazing games such as Red Faction and Saints Row, but sadly THQ went out with a fizzle, as they went bankrupt last year. Still, lets take a look at their amazing history!

It all started in 1990, when Jack Friedman started T*HQ, a toy company. However, Friedman bought the creators of the original Prince Of Persia, Broderbund, and dipped their toes into the world of gaming, starting in 1991 when they developed their first game, Peter Pan and the Pirates, which was actually a more important title than you'd think, as it gave T*HQ a secure stream of money. By the end of the year they made over $30 million in profit thanks to their partnership with Nintendo, and by 1992 T*HQ were making games based of Ren & Stimpy and Wayne's World, and they were secure until 1995, when they lost money because the Sega Genesis was beating the SNES, and a new CEO was appointed, who immediately fired half the staff and instead of making games for the new Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64, they made games for people who still had their SNES or Genesis. A bold move, but it worked!

Come 1997 and T*HQ were now THQ, and THQ were making 3D games galore, but nothing they made was really spectacular. That was until later that year, when they managed to strike up a deal with WCW to make some of the best dang wrestling games ever, namely WCW Vs. The World and WCW Vs. nWo: World Tour, which was one of the biggest money makers THQ ever had. WCW/nWo Revenge soon came out, and everyone loved it, but then EA stole WCW's license, and THQ were forced to buy WWF, which then went on to be THQ's biggest line of games, with such hits as WWF No Mercy, and THQ kept on publisher WWF/WWE games right until WWE 13, when they went bankrupt and handed over the reigns to 2K Games.

Once the noughties rolled around, THQ were buying many companies like Volition, who were future creators of the GTA-but-waaay-more-immature game Saints Row. Up until 2008, THQ were in their Golden Age, publishing a constant stream of WWE games, while thinking up new titles like MX vs. ATV and Metro 2033, but then in 2008, the sun started to set for THQ, with the recession kickstarting THQ's descent. Many bad decisions were made, with THQ trying to make AAA kids games that cost $60, which no one would buy, they were being way too cocky by bigging up all of their titles, and then having them all come crashing down.

In an attempt to keep their heads above water, THQ decided that they would need a new innovation; Nintendo could do it with the Wii, so why couldn't THQ, creators of the most innovative wrestling games and master of innovation do it? Well, that lifejacket was the uDraw, and since you can pick one up for about £10 now, you can tell it didn't go down well. Since the Wii was a family console, THQ should've just made uDraws for the Wii, but instead they invested tons of money in making it for the Xbox 360 and PS3, therefore losing all that money.

In the aftermath, THQ had to sell their studios, stop many of their series like Red Faction, and eventually went out with a poof in January 2013. However, it wasn't all bad, as many people didn't lose their jobs, with many developers joining other developers like Volition joining Koch Media and THQ Montreal joining Ubisoft.

So for publishing games like Saints Row, Metro, Red Faction, MX vs. ATV, Company of Heroes and the WWF/WWE series, we salute you!

It's Like The Matrix, Except You're Daft Punk!

Look's like Sony GOT LUCKY with their Project Morpheus model, am I right?

Yep, Sony are stepping into the VR business with their Project Morpheus VR product, which makes some people look uncannily like Jean Claude Van Damme or whoever is the guy that plays guitar in Daft Punk! They revealed it yesterday at GDC in San Francisco, the first big game conference of the year, and buy golly gosh does it look cool! Instead of having the Oculus Rift's blocky look, Sony has gone for a more streamlined, futuristic approach, which could possibly add a helluva lot to the price tag. Oh yeah, did I mention that you can play games in 1080p on it?

I am officially the king of bad jokes
However, to use the Morpheus, you won't have to take the red pill. Instead, you'll have to buy the Playstation Camera, which will track your head movements, but there are still sensors in the camera, so it'll be very accurate. Apparently, Sony have been working on it for 3 years, and this is still the unfinished prototype, so the Morpheus might get smaller and more powerful in months to come. No price or release date have been announced, but what we DO know is that this may be the start of games coming with VR modes, so you can play your games on the TV or the Morpheus, as it's been announced that the demonstration on Wednesday will include the new Thief game, so fingers crossed it works!

What do you guys think? Does a PS4 Virtual Reality headset excite you? Or do you just want to play your games on your big TV? Tell us in the comments below!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

End Of The Week Extravaganza: March 16th!

Good news for Fine Fans and Schafer Stalkers alike, as Double Fine have revealed that the sequel to their damn funny trick-or-treat-em-up is coming this Halloween, so instead of going round drug dealer's houses and begging them for your teeth-rotting treats, you can just kill them and get your candy instead! On the game, that is. Also, Dooble Nice have announced that Gone Home, the not quite a horror but still trouser browningly scary adventure game, is coming to consoles as well, so if you'd prefer to pay high prices on a network full of weirdos than buying it for 70p in a Steam Sale, then A) you need help and B) good news for you!

Sure, Team Ico announcing that their long awaited spiritual sequel to Shadow Of The Colossus, The Last Guardian, is still very much a project and still in development may sound like good news, but to be honest, it's just giving us false hope. It's no lie that developers say these things a lot and end up delaying or cancelling their games (A la Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines), but the thing that worries me is that games that are delayed a lot seem to be kinda bad. Sure, this could very much be not the case since Team Ico are developing it, but when you hear about the endless delays of games that turned out bad (A la Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines, again.) then you start to get a bit doubtful about it. Fingers crossed, though!

Never has a game with swords, serpents and (As Will Wright calls it) "WooHoo" been so anticipated. I'm pretty sure that the last word told you that that game is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Sadly, it's been delayed until 2015, but you want a new taste of WRPG (The W is WooHoo, not Western) than Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming out by the end of this year, so look out for that, weirdos!

What do you guys think about these slithers of news? Will Costume Quest 2 be as fun and entertaining as the original? Will The Last Guardian ever come out? And will The Witcher 3 be worth the wait? Tell us in the comments below!

Sam's BAFTA Predictions: Right Or Hong Kong Wrong?

As you may or may not know, the VG BAFTAS were held last week, and I made some predictions for who would win them. Now, you'll see whether I was right or Hong Kong Wrong (Because I need to rhyme SOMETHING in the title!)

Action And Adventure: Sam Said: Tomb Raider. Winner: The Last Of Us

Games Innovation: Sam Said: The Stanley Parable. Winner: Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

Artistic Achievement: Sam Said: Bioshock Infinite. Winner: Tearaway

Mobile And Handheld: Sam Said: Tearaway. Winner: Tearaway

Audio Achievement: Sam Said: Battlefield 4. Winner: The Last Of Us

Multiplayer: Sam Said: Battlefield 4. Winner: GTA V

Original Music: Sam Said: Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. Winner: Bioshock Infinite

Performer: Sam Said: Steven Ogg (Trevor). Winner: Ashley Johnson (Ellie)

Best Game: Sam Said: GTA V. Winner: The Last Of Us

British Game: Sam Said: GTA V. Winner: GTA V

Sports: Sam Said: Forza Motorsport 5. Winner: FIFA 14

Strategy And Simulation: Sam Said: Papers, Please. Winner: Papers Please

Family: Sam Said: Tearaway. Winner: Tearaway

Game Design: Sam Said: GTA V. Winner: GTA V

Debut Game: Sam Said: The Stanley Parable. Winner: Gone Home

Story: Sam Said: The Stanley Parable. Winner: The Last Of Us

Out of the 16 awards I predicted, only got 5 right! I appreciate that I'm not a huge gaming critic and I don't have every system, so then again I probably know a helluva less about why these games won. However, I have 1 major gripe with the award winners:

 FIFA 14 winning Sports. FIFA 14 is basically FIFA 13 but more "realism", aka much more frustrating to play. I think that Forza 5 deserved it because even though it had microtransactions, it was one of the first great next gen exclusives, along with Resogun, and that it should have won. Either that or NBA 2K14. The graphics are some of the best I've ever seen, and better yet it has a great LeBron James story mode! Why the hell did FIFA win?

Anyways, that's just my opinion, and we'd love to hear yours! Make sure to vote in the poll and tell us in the comments section if the winners were spot on, or you thought there were other games more deserving of them!

Wayback Sunday? SEGA!

SEGA started off as two companies; Service Games was a jukebox and slot machine company that was started in 1940 by Raymond Lemaire and Richard Stewart, while Rosen Enterprises was a photo booth company that was started in 1954 by David Rosen. As Rosen Enterprises grew and grew, making coin-op games, Rosen Enterprises merged with Service Games in 1965, and thus started SEGA. In 1966, SEGA made their first game, Periscope, a submarine simulator, and then they were sold to Gulf and Weston, not to be confuse with Smith And Western. I know how people get games consoles mixed with FINE FAMILY DINING!

10 years later, and SEGA had made $100 million because of the arcade boom, and they kept on getting more and more money. Come 1982, SEGA had made the first ever 3D game, SubRoc 3D, but the next year they lost some money, albeit making their first ever console, the SEGA 1000, in Japan. By 1986, SEGA were expanding their horizons to the US and Europe. They released the SEGA Master System, which was popular in everywhere but the US and Japan, and made their first mascot, Alex Kidd. Still, the NES seemed more popular, and then the first console war started.

Coming out in 1989 in the US and 1990 in Europe, the Sega Mega Drive was released, and so was an anti-Nintendo campaign. Once Nintendo released the SNES, the two companies really started clashing. To beat the SNES, SEGA decided they needed a new mascot: Sonic The Hedgehog. The game helped the Mega Drive outsell the SNES at one point, and SEGA kept on going, making a CD Drive add-on for their consoles, therefore making their games more powerful, and the same year they created their most successful game ever, Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

In 1994 SEGA released an upgraded version of the Mega Drive, the 32x, but because of their upcoming Saturn console, it wasn't that popular. The next year, the SEGA Saturn was released, but because no good Sonic games were made for it, and the fact that it was pricier than the Playstation 1, meant it really didn't sell much. SEGA started to go into decline, and they needed something special to save them.

That was the Dreamcast. It was sure to be a winner; it had a great price, and powerful parts. It pretty much failed in Japan, as people preferred to buy the Nintendo 64 or the Playstation 1, but in the west, it was wildly successful. The Dreamcast kept on selling and selling until the PS2 was launched in 2000 worldwide, mainly because of such innovative games as Jet Set Radio, Shenmue and (My personal favorite) Seaman. However, once the PS2 launched, Dreamcast sales fell, and with SEGA knowing that they were beaten, stopped making consoles and became a third-party publisher.

However, by 2005, SEGA were making money again, mainly because of their arcade machines and highly successful Yakuza game. The same year they also managed to buy the Football Manager franchise, publishing every year and providing a steady source of income. Somehow, SEGA still earned money years later, because of such games as Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic Riders, but in 2006, their profits had almost dropped to 100%. However, they got back up on their feet, and made some great titles in the following years, including Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colours and Sonic The Hedgehog 4, Part 1 and 2. SEGA are still going strong, but have controversially revealed that their next game, Sonic Boom, will have the Sonic characters redesigned. Time will tell how SEGA will do in the coming years.

So for making games like Sonic The Hedgehog, Virtua Fighter and Yakuza, SEGA, we salute you!

Raucous Reviews: Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare

Before I start the review, I just want to say sorry for it being so late. Somehow, the postal service took TWO WEEKS to deliver it.

Ever heard the saying "There's nothing like defending a a mentally unstable man's house with genetically modified killer plants."? Well, that's the creed Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare lives by, and, for PopCap's first venture out of the puzzle world, it sure follows it well.

Let's start off with the part of Garden Warfare that makes me want to love it sooooo much: it's a BALANCED class-based shooter, a la Battlefront 2. Sure, some people claim that the Chomper is overpowered, but I found killing it just as easy as playing as it, as is the case with all the other classes. The fact that all the different classes have different abilities, like the Foot Soldier's High Jump, or the Cactus' Garlic Drone, means that you can slaughter those not so dumb Zombies (Or human-sized "plants") in a variety of different ways. It's truly a third-person shooter done right.

You can also customise your Plants and Zombies cosmetically and ability-wise using stickers found in packs, for instance upgrading a Chomper to a Fire Chomper, giving it the ability to breathe fire, or putting a top hat on a Sunflower. The game contains no microtransactions at all, as coins are pretty easy to get. I found myself getting about 5,000 coins a match, and since the most expensive pack is 40,000 coins, anyone can do well. It's a fun, easy game to play, but can also be hugely competitive when you want to.

However, since it's a multiplayer-only game, you'd expect it to have quite a lot of modes and maps, but you'd be wrong. This is where Garden Warfare falls the most, as it only has 5 modes (2 of which are just "classic" versions of other modes) and only 8 maps to play them on. Still, the Garden Ops mode is impressive (More on that later) but the Team Vanquish and Gardens And Graveyards modes are copies of Team Deathmatch and Battlefield's Rush respectively, but they are still fun, albeit very short. Garden Ops, however, is a gem of a mode, with Horde Mode-style gameplay. You and up to 3 others (As plants) pick a garden and defend it from waves of Zombies, working together as a team and planting Potted Plants, which are little turrets that each have their own ability. The Boss Waves are determined by a slot machine, and the imaginative and creative enemies are really fun to defeat with your friends (Or strangers).

Unfortunately, that's really all Garden Warfare has to offer, but the fact that it's an easy game to play, yet still replayable, makes it a good game to play if you're short on time. The controls are simple and responsive, so easy anyone could play it! The sound effects are cartoony and quite funny, so it seems it's a game that takes itself seriously at times, but can make you laugh when it wants. Still, the graphics are a bit of a letdown, as I found that textures seemed to take ages to load, but I was playing it on Xbox 360, so I 'm unsure whether that is the case on the One or PC. 

The Verdict
Garden Warfare is fun game. It's not deep and contains almost no story, which means it's a great game to pick up and play when you're short on time, but the pack system and character customisation keeps you coming back for more. Sure, the Garden Ops mode is a great one to pick up and play, the map and mode count don't seem to justify the £40 price tag; I think it suits more of a £25 to £30 price range, but if there's a good deal on it, or you have money to spend, I would buy it. I recommended Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare to anyone that is short on time and wants something to pick up and play, or any casual gamers who are looking for a shooter where their mum isn't insulted a kajillion times. Overall, I give Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare a...

Easy to play
                                                                                                                      Limited modes and maps
Great Customisation
                                                                                                                      Price is too high
Pack system is well made

Easy to find a game

A huge thanks to Tristan Rosenfeldt at EA for providing us with a review copy of the game.