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I'm sorry to say that I won't be posting today, as I really don't feel too good and there are some problems I need to sort out.

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Friday, 28 February 2014

Top 5 Funniest Video Game Characters!

5. Captain Qwark (Ratchet and Clank series)
Sure, Captain Qwark AKA Steve McQwark AKA Florana Tree Beast AKA Nurse Shanoon AKA etc is a selfish coward who takes credit for things he hasn't done, but his stupidness and random events is what makes him funny! He just messes up so much, even though he's the Galaxy's Greatest Superhero,but at least he TRIES to help! Anyway, he's just so funny because anything can happen with him, but my favorite moment of his is when he tries to brief the a mission in A Crack In Time, but he just shows picture of the Maktar Resort Single Mingle!

4. Wheatley (Portal 2)

Voiced by the excellent Steven Merchant, Wheatley's british accent makes everything he says 10 times funnier, and the fact that he's so damn smart, coupled with the fact that he delivers some of the funniest one liners known to man, makes him one of my favorite video game characters ever! Bringing comic relief to the table in a game that is darker than it seems is Wheatley's job, and he makes fine work of it. My favorite Wheatley quote is where he says "This is the part where I kill you!" and then it comes up with Chapter 9: The Part Where He Kills You.

3. Sgt Johnson (Halo series)
Eh, that picture's close enough. Anyways, Sgt Johnson is my favorite character of the Halo series, simply because he isn't just some one dimensional Drill Sergeant, but a Sergeant with humor and pizazz. From the moment where he advertised Halo: Combat Evolved in the demo, to his tender moments with the Covenant when you finish the campaign on Legendary, Johnson makes playing the game worthwhile in a mostly humorless game.

2. Ratchet (Ratchet And Clank Series)
Sure, he was damn annoying and arrogant in the first game, but Ratchet has now developed into a character worth listening too. He makes jokes that are funny for all ages, he's got tons of quirky humor, and his sarcasm is some of the best used in a video game so far! However, you can still take Ratchet seriously, unlike Captain Qwark, because he has an interesting, rich history, and is still a badass!

1. Deadpool (Er.. Deadpool.)
Sure, Deadpool is a comic book character, but actually HEARING his quips and his arguments with the voices in his head make him laugh out loud funny, instead of the quietly chuckling to yourself kind of funny like there is in his comic books. He's got his toilet humor, his totally random moments, and his SERIOUSLY adult humor, but they're all combined to make the funniest video game character I've ever seen! And the best quote? "I love the smell of Pancakes. They smell of VICTORY!"

Honorable Mentions
The Great Mighty Poo (Conker's Bad Fur Day)
Earthworm Jim (Earthworm Jim Series)
Joe Barbaro (Mafia 2)
Trevor Phillips  (GTA V)
Roman Bellic (GTA IV)

What do you guys think about my list? Whether you agree or disagree, make sure to tell me in the comments below!

We Was Only Checking For Criminals, We Was!

"I can only protect who I can see!" David "The Dunce" Cameron

It turns out the NSA isn't the only security service that's been peeping at your webcams, Ol Blighty has got in on the act too! Using a program called Optic Nerve, the GCHQ (British equivalent of the NSA) took pictures of the "much used" Yahoo Video Chat service every 5 minutes in 2008, and then using the pictures as mugshots to determine who was in them and if they're a criminal or not. Sure, criminals using hi-tech equipment decide to use Yahoo for all their secret communications. And I'm The Puppet Man Of Norwich.

5S Selfie!
As you could imagine, they found nothing useful, so the operation was shut down. The interesting thing is, it turns out that they used the program before checking out if it was legal. So not even the most important security service can abide to the law. Oh yeah, and Edward Snowden leaked it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to take a small security precaution.
Nice and safe!

You're Broadcasting The Fighter Within? That's A Banning!

"Hey, if you're streaming inappropriate games that WE'VE allowed on the Xbox One, you'll get banned!" Dumb Xbox Guy

After the news that Twitch is coming in the March Xbox One Update, Microsoft have announced that the Xbox One moderators will be able to not only ban people from Twitch if they're streaming XXX content, but also be able to ban them from Xbox Live! Sheesh Bill, this is Twitch, not Omegle! Anyways, Twitch moderators will also be combing Twitch, so if your video's flagged, you haven't got much of a chance of escaping. My advice would be to flee to Hong Kong and start a new account.

Sure, this is standard procedure for any video service, but the main reason this has been announced was because of the PS4 free game The Playroom. This is basically a tech demo for the Playstation Camera which is available to all, and has you interacting with mini robots, but you can see yourself doing it on the TV screen, so you can stream it. Just the word "interacting" already gives you ideas.

What do you guys think? Is banning people from Xbox Live just for being inappropriate of Twitch too harsh? Or do you think that it's a fitting punishment? Tell us in the comments below!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Kickstarting Thursday with Koe!

Koe, which is being made by the three man army of Jitesh Rawal, Dan Tsukasa and Sayuki, is a new breed of educational gaming. WAIT. Don't walk away, I know the sound of education may sicken you, but don't you remember how great The Oregon Trail was? And trust, this game looks a LOT better. Plus, you're learning some useless history, but instead you're learning Japanese, a language that can be VERY practical if you're a gamer. And it's not just some Typing Of The Dead-style lesson, it's an actual JRPG through and through, as Rawal states on the Kickstarter page: "It plays like a JRPG, there are random battles, bosses, a story, pets, wizards, cities, houses as well as cats and you will play through collecting items, experience points, weapons and everything else that comes with a traditional JRPG."

Now that you're hooked, I'll tell you a little more about Koe. You've got all the usual JRPG stuff, like choosing the gender of your character, naming it and doing a couple of tutorial levels. However, the real stuff starts when you battle. It has a great Pokemon/Final Fantasy turn-based combat system, but instead of getting weapons, you get words. These words can be received from anything from a chest to a shop, and these words are, you guessed it, in Japanese. Don't worry, you'll be told the translation, so if you get a word that means Katana, you'll know. If you select that word during a fight, a katana will come out of the card and slash your enemy. However, the most promising part is that you  can make sentences out of these words which are more powerful, so it gives learning Japanese a purpose in this game, because if you know how to make sentences, you'll do very well.

You'll be able to level up these words and letters, so if you get the word neko (A cat) you will have to level up the characters ne and ko to level up the cat! It's a great system, and using words that you want to level up repeatedly will give you a very good chance to learn them off by heart without the annoying process of just saying neko over and over again like on an app, or something like that. And it's not like you'll learn useless phrases like "I had a banana for lunch" like you would in school, you will actually learn how to read basic Japanese, words and USEFUL phrases, all without even realizing you're learning! It's a great system!

Koe needs £35,000, and at the time of writing, is 42% funded still with 31 days to go, so it looks like this game will be hitting the (Digital) shelves! There are stretch goals, which are supporting different languages and PS Vita support, but no amount of money will be confirmed for them until they've reached their £35,000 goal. You only have to pay £10 to get a copy of the game, which will be a special Kickstarter version with more content, or if you're willing to splash the cash, you can spend £1,000 and you'll get to design a boss, weapon or item and get your name in the credits for it, plus a boxed Kickstarter copy of the game, a deck of art cards, a strategy guide, your name appearing as a plaque in the game, your name appearing somewhere in the story of the game, access to all prototyping sessions, a Koe graphic postcard, a digital art book, a digital soundtrack, access to alpha and beta sessions, early access to the game, a digital Kickstarter copy for a friend and your name in the backer credits!

Make sure to fund Koe at!

Anytime Reviews: Strider

The unstealthiest ninja ever
I've recently got my hands on Strider, Double Helix's new reboot (they've been making a lot of those lately) of an arcade game of the same name which sadly, I have never had the pleasure of playing. Strider Hiryu is our main character, who is one of many striders that have attempted to infiltrate and sabotage the mysterious city of Kazakh but this doesn't really get expanded on in the main story other than every single other strider before you has failed. And is probably dead. Speaking of the main story, its basic and cheesy, but its a reboot of an arcade game, so I can accept that. Although I would have liked the backstory of these striders and villains explored further (there is enemy intel that tells you about them, but it doesn't say much). The enemies and bad guys in Strider are introduced randomly, with stylish introductions and subtitles before them. But the main villains have no explanation of how and why they're there. But they look interesting and have lots of variation. On the topic of looks, this is a really good looking game.
Strider somewhat resembles the looks of Street Fighter IV, due to it being in 2.5D (and published by Capcom) and there are a barrage of different colours thrown on screen at many points in the game. The animation is clean and smooth, and I didn't notice any drops in framerate or freezing. The gameplay is fast and quick, but Strider is a glass cannon as Edge magazine puts it- he can't take very much damage, but he can sure deal it out. Balancing this is the smorgasbord of health pickups that are present around the game. But if you do die, the health refilling checkpoints scattered conveniently throughout the city will take you back to where you were. The button for slashing your sword doesn't have a delay between strikes, so you can just pummel it. You can attack in all 8 directions, but your only moves at the start are an upper cut, a sliding move and of course the regular strike. You can also climb walls, which adds more variety to platforming. Strider is also a side scrolling Metroid-Vania game, with big open areas and a steady supply of new moves and abilities, soon providing you with the likes of double jumps and different elements to your cypher, which is your sword, to pass through to new sections of the world map. It also has plenty of hidden upgrades to your health and energy, as well as collectibles like the enemy intel mentioned in the first part of this review. But although the enemies have variety, some of the bosses and enemies are quite irritating. For example a metal gorilla (above) has a move which always happened to trap me in a corner, and he kept on doing it fast enough so it would hit me as Strider stood back up and recovered.
Strider manages to harken back to its original arcade predecessor, while updating it for the current generation. But it harkens a little too much, with a simple story holding the the game down and a few irritating moments as well. It should last for around 7-8 hours, or at least my run did. But this is a good fast paced arcade title, worth the £12 or so.
(Thanks to Capcom and Laura Skelly for providing us with a review copy!)


Scientists: Making Malware Before Hackers Did!

"You know how we could protect the internet? Making a new virus!"

Scientists have found a way to make a virus (Computer, not human!) that can spread through Wi-Fi Hotspots and the air. Seriously, it didn't need to be done, but for "scientific" reasons, it was made anyway, to "protect" technology users and find out how to stop these viruses.

Or in other words, find their Amazon password and buy a million Thighmasters.

According to the University Of Liverpool, "Ay Ay Ay Ay, Ay Ay!", which translates to "The virus can spread at the speed of a common cold, and travels via Wi-Fi waves, which spread from hotspot to hotspot. They've named it Chameleon (Hence the picture.) because... they, like Chameleons? And by the way, this isn't just some accusation or concept, this has actually been done! Don't worry though, it can't spread to your Wi-Fi at home, because it's password protected, but it can be used on free Wi-Fi Hotspots like in Starbucks (Finally, something cheap in there!) and in other cafes.

What do you guys think? Will making this virus just give Cybercriminals ideas? Or is it a good idea, because we can learn how to prevent viruses like it? Tell us in the comments below!

You Know What Everyone Wants? More Flappy Bird Clones!

Mobile Gaming: Guaranteed Innovation Every Decade!

After Apple and Google FINALLY agreed on something, which was killing all the Flappy Bird clones, it turns out that Apple aren't holding up their side of the deal. The Google Play store seems to be quite clone-free at the moment (Haven't said that in a while!), Flappy Clones seem to be dominating the Apple App Store charts, with games like Ironpants and Splashy Fish doing well, and it also turns out that 1/3rd of games released on the App Store yesterday were Flappy Clones. Yep that's right, all 95 of them, all with their glorious "innovative" storylines and "well-designed" characters. Seriously, with the state of the mobile market, you could just get a sandwich floating through a maze of graham crackers and you'd top the charts.

Seems like a Flappy Cy-Clone? Eh?

I mean, people really just don't get the message! The mobile games market is supposed to let ANYONE make a game, but not like this? I mean, FlyFlyBirdySaga! I can think of at least a million games that it's ripped off, yet these people keep thinking that making more clones is a better idea than actually making a decent game! And Apple?

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wayback Wednesday: PopCap!

In this Wayback Wednesday, we'll be honoring the developers that made the most successful puzzle game of the decade, and has produced amazing mobile, PC and console games alike. That company is PopCap!

It all started in 2000, when Brian Fiete, John Vechey and Jason Kapalka founded PopCap, an officeless company that made Flash games for the not-so-good (Well, some of them!) people of the Internet. They continued making Flash games until 2001 when, after making the first Bejeweled, the Internet wasn't being so kind to them, and they started to lose money. Then came their first REAL game: Bejeweled Deluxe, which was so successful that it saved the company, because many people around the world downloaded it. From then on, things got hella better. Since Bejeweled was so well-received and the company had a steady income, they dipped their toes into a different genre, and created Bookworm, a word forming game like Scrabble that pretty much defined PopCap as the best casual game developers ever.

2003 came, and Bookworm was named Puzzle Game Of The Year by Computer Gaming World, while Zuma finished off PopCap's three year hat trick of great games, with it's addictive and fun gameplay that made you think, but not too hard. Also that year, Bejeweled was ported to mobile phones, and thus the second great mobile game was created, after the sheer beauty that was Snake. In 2004, Bejeweled 2 was released, adding secret game modes and new features to the already great franchise. This game cemented Bejeweled's status as one of the best puzzle franchises of all time, and in 2005, PopCap took a well deserved rest, as they thought up another award winning game.

In 2006, tons of PopCap's greatest games were being ported to different devices, from Xbox 360s to to mobile phones to iPod's, and this is where PopCap started getting most of it's money, as it was growing fast, with many new jobs being created. Then, in 2007, my personal favorite PopCap game, Peggle, came out to mass critical acclaim, selling many copies (And also Xbox 360s!) to people of all ages and gaming skill levels. It was everyone's game!

In 2008, even more Bejeweled games came out, with Bejeweled Blitz rocking the Facebook games market, and Bejeweled Twist completely changed the concept of Bejeweled, because instead of having to switch two gems, you rotated four of them. This game proved that PopCap weren't milking a dying franchise, but they were finding more ways for it to be innovative.

PopCap's most well known game, Plants VS Zombies, came out in 2009, and damn right did it deserve to be known. It was endless fun, and critics and gamers alike applauded it for it's challenging gameplay, while it was nominated for many Interactive Achievment Awards and was highly praised for it's great soundtrack. Soon enough, 2010 came around, and Plants VS Zombies was topping the charts on phones and consoles, while Zuma Blitz was released on Facebook, so all audiences got their taste of PopCap magic. And after 2 years, another Bejeweled sequel was spawned, Bejeweled 3, and it was truly the jewel of the Bejeweled franchise, with 4 new gameplay modes, HD graphics and more badges to earn!

With the new consoles being released in 2013, PopCap decided to release Peggle 2, which had new levels, challenges, Peggle Masters and special powers, and was praised by critics. Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare is being released in two days, and since it's a lot like Star Wars Battlefront 2, this could be an amazing game. We'll have to see, but for now PopCap, we salute you!

Fit Gears, Fat Gears, Anything You Want Gears!

You know what could solve this problem? GEARS!

Samsung have announced yet another Galaxy Gear smartwatch, this one being the Galaxy Gear Fit, which has a number of apps installed on it, that do things like measure your heart rate to tracking your running. Plus, the Galaxy S5 also has an amount of fitness gadgets in it, namely a heart rate monitor, fitness tracker and pedometer.Plus, the Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo also have heart rate monitors in.

Oh Samsung, how you make us feel fat!

Anyway, the heart rate monitor on the S5 works by putting your finger on the back of, which is nifty and not too hard to do while you're running, but the real gem of these new products is the Galaxy Gear Fit. It looks stunning, with a colourful (TAKE THAT, U.S SPELLCHECK!) interface and a streamlined, sleek design. There are many apps all pre installed for the Fit, like running, walking, cycling and heart rate, but there will be no downloadable apps, so if you want a watch that can do everything, get Samsung's new Gear 2. You'll get notified whenever you get a text, email or call, but you can't answer calls.


What do you guys think? Would you buy a fitness smartwatch as flashy as this? Or would you just use your phone? Tell us in the comments below!

Twitchy Bill!

Don't worry guys, Bill Gates does NOT have Parkinson's. This is GOOD news!

Of all of the big promises that the Xbox One didn't fulfill, Twitch streaming is one of the bigger features. They showcased it and talked about it for ages, but it wasn't there when the console came out. However, in the next update on March 3rd, Twitch will be working for the "console"! That's right, you can stream endless hours of Dead Rising 3 while millions of people tell you what you're doing wrong in the Twitch chat!
Now he can get to eating your soul!
Of course, this is just another step for Microsoft in terms of selling more Ones and winning the console war. According to Twitch, just under a quarter of views every month are of PS4 livestreams, so this could be a system seller, especially because only Xbox users will be able to stream Titanfall, so there may be more sales that way. This could be a start of Mr. SNAP TWITCH's fightback to reclaim the console war.

Even though it just started. The real winner of the console war is that smiley face. So many souls to suck.

What do you guys think? Will Twitch for Xbox sway you towards buying one? Or does it make no difference, as the PS4 has Twitch?  Tell us in the comments below!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

You Lose Tuesday, Ride To Hell: Retribution!

Ride To Hell was supposed to be a game that would revolutionize the gaming world, with a setting that's never been done before, and the fact that it focused on after a war, not during it. Still, it was abysmal, and I'm going to tell you, through stale wit and stupid sarcasm, why this game is regarded as one of the worst of all time.

Let's start off with Jake Conway, the protagonist who we're supposed to gel with, and feel good controlling him. First of all, he looks a caveman who's pumped botox into his hands. His voice acting, like every character's in the game, is terrible, and the actor somehow seems embarrassed to play him. Watching tons of gameplay on YouTube, there are many scenes involving him that are supposed to be emotional, but really they're just damn funny. All the actors aren't really taking the game seriously, and there is a laughably bad script written that gets worse and worse by the minute. Oh yeah, and the WooHoo (SIMS REFERENCE!) scenes. EUGH.

But hey, the gameplay is just as bad. The gameplay is basically bugs, glitches and crashing all smooshed together into a "game" that has emotionless aliens as characters. Road dissapears, enemies can take years or seconds to kill, and Jake can take a hail of bullets or one punch, depending on what the game wants. It's basically a roulette wheel, but dealer chucks cards on the wheel and then shoots it repeatedly. Basically, craziness.

There are 4 different sections in the whole game; CQC, cover shooting, motorcycle driving and open-world adventuring. And they all fail.

  • The CQC section is basically non existent. You use the same moves, there are no combos, and you slide between enemies. Plus, you can whip out your gun, so it just completely loses the point of CQC.
  • The cover shooting isn't cover shooting because you can't shoot from cover. You can't die, and some enemies can take as much as 15 headshots before they die, while others die as soon as they spawn.
  • In the Motorcycle driving, you don't drive forward, just side to side. If you crash into anything, you either explode or reset, and the powersliding system is broken, because you can powerslide forever. Also, enemies randomly fly in, and after a terrible QTE and cutscene, the bike just drives off and explodes.
Last of all, the "Open World". Literally, you have a tiny town with invisible walls, and you can buy guns and chat to people. Please die.

And that's all for You Lose Tuesday! Seriously, though, never buy this game. Ever.


YOU'RE WINNER! Kinda....

Isn't that feeling great when you break a world record, but it isn't official?

Slightly scooch over, Bugatti, as there's a new record breaking car on the block, the Hennessy Venom GT, which is now the fastest car on earth, as it can 435 kph. Only it's unofficial. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which went 431 kph will still be in the Guinness Book Of Records until the Venom is driven two ways, as it was disqualified because it only drove one way in the Kennedy Space Center, so you win this round Bugatti!

Sort of.

The Venom isn't actually a new type of car, it's just a Lotus Exige that's been stretched and had a 7L twin-turbo V8 engine stuck in it. The crazy thing about this car is that when world record runs are done, they are usually driven on an oval to build up speed, but the Venom started and stopped on a straight piece of tarmac, so it could smash the world record if they use an oval!

That doesn't make sense!
What do you guys think? Is it necessary to keep building faster and faster cars? Or will everyone use these crazy cars in the future? Tell us in the comments below!

Garry Ain't Rusty!

According to the internet, people prefer playing a game where naked people hit each other with rocks than a game with the best physics ever. Pshh.

The game that created such gems as Prop Hunt, Murder, Hide and Seek and Trouble In Terrorist Town has finally reached $30 million in sales, after it was released in the back end of 2006 for only $10. Garry Newman (Garry's Mod creator) said in a tweet that "Garry's Mod has just broken $30 million!", but then came out with the kinda good/bad news that Rust had already outsold it. IN 3 MONTHS.

Well, at least Newman's company Facepunch made Rust!

And the best part? Rust is only in Alpha! A game that hasn't even been finished has outsold a game that's been out for 9 years! Still, both games are great and deserve great respect, but it's crazy how much Early Access games sell for now! Also, revealed that Rust made 40% of what Garry's Mod has made in an entire lifespan in 5 weeks. Ouch.

What do you guys think? Are Early Access games worth buying? Or is playing an unfinished game still as fun as buying a finished one? Tell us in the comments below!

Monday, 24 February 2014

SWTOR Lowdown: Season 1 Comes To A Bloodthirsty End..

Hi Guys!

Just a note from me, i was ill last week so did no add any articles but will be uploading two SWTOR pieces and the Warframe review next week! So, in this issue i have the complete list of season one rewards. Season one is linked to SWTOR's 4v4 pvp arenas that players can gain ratings in and compete in leaderboards on
This system works well as you can easily see who is the best blaster wielding freak in the galaxy!

Tier Rewards

(Based on your tier at the end of Season 1)

Tier 5 - Rating 0001-1149

  • Unique Inaugural Tier 5 Title

Tier 4 - Rating 1150-1224

  • Unique Inaugural Tier 4 Title
  • A Mini-Pet

Tier 3 - Rating 1225-1299

  • Unique Inaugural Tier 3 Title
  • A Mini-Pet
  • Season 1 Ranked Armor Set

Tier 2 - Rating 1300-1499

  • Unique Inaugural Tier 2 Title
  • A Mini-Pet
  • Season 1 Ranked Armor Set
  • Season 1 Ranked Weapon Set

Tier 1 - Rating 1500+

  • Unique Inaugural Tier 1 Title
  • A Mini-Pet
  • Season 1 Ranked Armor Set
  • Season 1 Ranked Weapon Set
  • Giradda The Hutt's Rancor Mount
(Note: Giradda the Hutt’s Rancor Mount not shown to final scale)  

Now that mount is one i want to ride! I think these rewards are very good, especially a new armor set, however i would hope it looks a lot better than the pvp gear at the moment as it looks pretty bad. I mean what happened to the battle master and centurion designs? Well, you have to be valor 60 to wear them, which many casual  pvpers are not even, though they look very cool! On a sad note, has closed its doors. The much loved site will be no longer posting articles since the editor Deirdre Hollis  has got a new job working for the MMO Wildstar so maybe, we can get a few interviews with her a bit down the line! But if you wrote for TORwars and want to write more SWTOR articles, than tweet me @josephrucklidge and i will see what you can do on our blog! ;)

Hope this was helpful and keep gaming! ;)


P.s sorry for the wired colouring I don't know what happened there XD

Sam's Sassy Saturday Quiz Time Last Chance!

Hi Guys!

Just want to say, you have until 7:00 GMT tomorrow morning to take part in the quiz, so get your answers in at to be in the chance of winning the Fan Of The Month Award and a chance to write an article for us!

Thanks guys, and good luck!

A Dream Come True! (Kinda)

"We decided we should just make our own more complicated style of Android, just for lolz."

The new Nokia X phone that runs "Android" actually runs a completely different version to the usual Android than we expected! Turns out Nokia (Or Microsoft *grumble*) have decided to make their own spin on Android, but instead of being subtle changes, like Samsung's or HTC's, Nokia have made an Android SO different that Android apps have to be reprogrammed a little to make them compatible with the Nokia X.

This new OS is pretty much WP8 with smaller live tiles. The store will be called the Nokia Store, and will contain WP8 apps as well as Android apps, but don't worry about lack of Android apps, because Nokia said it will only take 2 hours to make an app compatible with the Nokia X. Also, all the features like Google Drive, Google Maps and Google Hangouts will be replaced with Nokia and Microsoft's own versions, OneDrive, Nokia Maps and Skype respectively.

What do you guys think? Does Nokia really need to run their own style of Android? Or does this OS look more appealing to you than usual Android OSs? Tell us in the comments below!

"Price Check On Xbox..."

"You know, the console that we still have 900,000 of.."

Great news for people who are craving that lovely green box, as it turns out the Xbox One will be getting a price drop already, from £429 to £400, plus the Titanfall game. Sure, you can still get a PS4 for £350, but adding up this price means that if you buy this Xbox bundle, it's pretty much the same price as buying a PS4 and a game, so this is evening out the console war a little now. At least in the UK.

Yep, sadly this price drop is only happening in the UK! Of course, us English people will just be laughing as we eat our crumpets, drink our tea and say 'bottom' a lot. At least, that's my neighbors do anyway. Still, if you converted dollars to pounds, it turns out that the Xbox was more expensive in the UK anyway, so this is just a sneaky change from Miccy Mouse, because technically, the Xboxs are being sold at full price. Damn you, subtleness!

What do you guys think? Will this price drop sway you towards buying and Xbox? Or do only specs matter to you? Tell us in the comments below!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Quiz Reminder!

Hey Guys!

Just a quick message! Remember to enter Sam's Sassy Saturday Quiz Time here by midnight GMT on Monday to be in a chance of winner the non-prestigious Fan Of The Month award and a chance to write an article for us!


End Of The Week Extravaganza: February 23rd!

Hey, you know Nike showed off those Power Laces last year, and you thought that they were just teasing? Well it turns out that they're releasing Power Lace shoes in 2015, so that's not long to wait for all of you Back To The Future fans and people who've just found out what Back To The Future is! These shoes look exactly like Marty McFly's, and all you have to do is put your feet in them, and the strap automatically tightens around your ankle!  Let's just hope they don't cost as much as Jordans!

The BAD!
Sure, this should be in the good news that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is getting a 16MP camera and the ability to shoot 4K video, but really I think this should be in the bad news because it seems like Sammy has focused on the camera more than the actual phone itself. A while back, I did an article about the leaked specs of the S5, and I was a bit dissapointed, and now I am a little more because it seems they cared more about the camera than anything else! Sure, 4K is great, but is it necessary, because there are only 2 4K TVs out right now, and they're expensive!

Google made a list of rules about not being a Glasshole when wearing Google Glass, after a woman was accused of watching films on it while driving. Sure, it's a safe precaution, but come on, this is common sense! And if these people who are testing Glass are willing to wear some futuristic thing on their face, they're gonna look weird anyway! 

Gears 2 Neos

It's light! Oh yes! It runs a weird OS! GEAR 2!

Samsung have just revealed two new sequels to it's successful Galaxy Gear smartwatch, the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo. They're powered by the Tizen OS, which no one has heard of, but it looks pretty cool and easy to use. The Neo will be cheaper and lighter than the Gear 2, but it will have less feature, which is alright, because in the, all you want to do with a smartwatch is call people who don't have their phone on silent without getting your phone out. TECHNOLOGY!

Anyway, the features that the Neo lacks. First up, a camera. Sure, it'd be cool, but the Gear 2s camera is only 2MP, so you might as well take a picture with your laptop. Secondly, the strap colour is different. And that's it. But but the best thing is that both the Gears have great tech in them. They have heart rate sensors, pedometers, a Super AMOLED screen and a dual core processor which you could find in some phones. So it's looking good then.

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Pokemon? With The Poke And The Mon And Zibbity Zop Bop!

If you go down to a GAME tonight, you'll be able to play a.... game!

There's a Pokemon X & Y Battle tournament going on in the UK this year, and people of all ages can sign up, ESPECIALLY 40 year old Comic Book Guys! There are 4 titles up for grabs, all with amazing prizes! The qualifiers will start on the 1st March, and continue until the Grand Final in April, where the 4 titles will be at stake. They are:

Ultimate Pokemon Expert: Open to people aged 13 and over, the grand prize for winning this title is a week trip to Tokyo for two, and the winner and runner-up will get fast tracked into the second round of the Official Play! Pokemon UK VGC Event!

Junior Expert: Open to people aged 12 and under, the grand prize for this title is a weekend family to Alton Towers, plus the top two will get fast tracked in the 2nd round of the Official Play! Pokemon UK VGC Event!

Ultimate Team: Open for one family member aged 16+ and one aged 12 or under, the grand prize for this title is a £250 Nintendo Store voucher and 4 tickets to EGX London 2014!

Pokemon Apprentice: Open to any age, the winner of this title will get a a bundle of 3DS games worth £300!

All the prizes seem well worth playing for, and the champions will be crowned on the 26th of April in London. The Qualifiers are on different days in different locations, so here they are:

GAME Banbury: 15th March
Birmingham Bullring 1st March
GAME Brighton 1st March
GAME Bristol Cribbs Causeway 5th April
GAME Cardiff 8th March
GAME Dundee 2nd March
Braehead, Glasgow 5th April
Bluewater, Kent 22nd March
GAME Hamleys 8th March
Trafford Centre, Manchester 29th March
Eldon Square, Newcastle 8th March
GAME Norwich 22nd March
GAME Nottingham Victoria Centre 22nd March
GAME Sheffield Meadowhall 15th March
WestQuay, Southampton 15th March
GAME Westfield Stratford City 29th March

You can register for the tournament here! Good luck if you enter!