Saturday, 25 January 2014

Saturday Spending Spree!


There are plenty of great deals this week, but my favourite has to be for the Roku LT Media Streamer, which is now only £29.97 in Currys! This is a great little box that offers you on demand services, as well as built in Wi Fi, so you can stream video to your other devices!

So, with no further ado, i bring to you the best prices that won't kill your wallet!

 Turtle Beach Ear Force PX3 Headset: Only £49.50 at Tescos!
Infamous: Second Son PS4 Pre Order: Only £48.99 at Zavvi!
Football Manager 2014 PS Vita: Only £23.98 at Zavvi!
PS4 Camera: Only £44.99 at Zavvi!
Wii U Premium 32GB with Nintendo Land: Only £179.99 at Argos!

Gadgets and Accessories:
HGST Touro Mobile MX3 1TB External Hard Drive: Only £46.99 at Amazon!
AOC Value i2269Vwm 21.5" Full HD LED IPS Monitor: Only £99.97 at CCL Online!
Google Nexus 7: Only £171.98 at Amazon!
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Ceramic White (PAYG): Only £139.99 at O2!
 TomTom Via 130 EU M 4.3 Inch Full Europe Sat Nav: Only £99.99 at Argos!
Panasonic XS3 14MP Compact Digital Camera: Only £79.99 at Argos!
Toshiba C50 15.6 Inch Ci3 1TB Laptop: Only £399.99 at Argos!
HP Officejet 7500A A3 e-All-in-One Web Enabled Printer: Only £138.32 at Amazon!
Logitech  UE 4000 Headphones: Only £25 at Amazon!

That's all for now!

Google X.....

Google X is a secret facility about a half mile from the Google Campus. Its got a couple of red brick buildings, a fountain and some company owned bikes. But on the inside, its so much more. Here are some of the projects that are currently being ran....

Google Glass: You pretty much know a lot about this already, but if you didn't know, Google Glass is a augmented reality set of glasses, with a smartphone display and voice commands.

Driverless Car: Led by Sebastian Thrun, maker of Stanley, the self driving car that won Stanford University the 2005 DARPA grand challenge, Google are still trying to develop their Driverless Car. However, it must be in good development, as Google has been lobbying for Driverless Car bans to be lifted,  and in August 2012, the team announced that the car had driven over 300,000 miles without an accident. Here's hoping!

Project Loon: Not much has been said about this, but all I know is that its a project where millions of balloons carrying Internet will be launched into the Stratosphere, so everyone will have internet. My days of standing in Hotel room corners searching for Wi Fi will soon be over!

Google Contact Lenses: These were announced just over a week ago. These are mainly being used for Diabetics, to help keep a track of their glucose levels, without having to physically measure themselves. Talk about one step closer to a pain free world!

900,000 Unsold Xbox Ones on the wall, 900,000 Xbox Ones!

As if nothing else could go wrong...

Microsoft's financial report declared that they shipped 3.9 million Xbox Ones to shops worldwide in the last financial quarter of 2013. However, in an earlier report, Microsoft said that they had officially sold 3 million Xbox Ones. 900,000 of them all, sitting on store shelves crying like they're on the Island Of Unwanted Consumer Video Game Systems.

Seeing as the PS4 sold 4.2 million in the same amount of time, its safe to say that Sony is the cool kid in the school, and Microsoft is the foreign exchange student that tries to learn French before he can learn English.

However, this doesn't mean it was a bad quarter for Old Live Tiles. Their earnings rose 13 percent since last quarter, plus they managed to ship 3.5 million Xbox 360s on top of the 3.9 million Xbox Ones, bringing total Xbox shippings to 7.4 million. Microsoft gained $1.6 billion dollars from Xboxes alone, and Xbox Live income increased by 25 percent. Microsoft got a record $24.35 billion of revenue in Q4 2013, and $6.56 billion dollars in profit.

Guess it could have gone worse!



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