Monday, 16 June 2014

Xbox, Bing "Google"

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Get the new Xbox One July Update on Xbox One, exclusively on Xbox One.

Good news for all achievement hunters, as the new July Update for Xbox One will include the ability to snap the Achievements app to your game, announced in an Xbox Wire post, so you don't have to keep leaving your game just to check on your progress. Also, handily, the Achievement App shows how far away you are from getting each achievement, so you can see which achievements are worth getting first. A new "Double Tap To Snap" feature has also been unveiled, which means that you can double tap the Snap button to pick your chosen app without leaving your game, and you can also double tap to switch between a game and an app, exclusively on the Microsoft Xbox One Entertainment System.

Anyways, another new Achievement Snap feature is that you can press the Get Help button, which uses Bing to find solutions to a selected achievement. It's mostly just stuff to make your Xbox One experience more efficient, along with Kinect accent-detecting options for people living in Ireland, New Zealand and Austria, but there is quite a cool new feature coming soon: Digital Bundles. Sure, they won't be as cheap as Humble Bundles, but being able to buy whole series of games would be great, especially with the reception that Halo: The Master Chief Collection got!

What bundles would you like to see? Tell us in the comments below!

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