Sunday, 1 June 2014

Who The Heck Is Sam?

Today's a pretty slow news day, so I'm going to do a little something different. I'm going to tell you a little more about myself, because I have no other ideas!

Favorite Game: Star Wars Battlefront 2. It's probably the game I've played the most in my whole life. The campaign was crazy fun and I played through it about 20 times, and the Tatooine level sticks in my head, because you got to play as all the heroes and villains. I know the invincibility cheat off by heart (Even though I haven't played the game in 3 years) and the local multiplayer in the game was insane. If DICE make the next Battlefront game bad, I'm gonna... I'm gonna... cry myself to sleep. Bad times.
Runners Up: Infamous: Second Son and Spider Man 2

Favorite Franchise: Trials. The only franchise that I've ever properly followed, the Trials series never had a bad game. The original Trials games were all free, so I gobbled them up, Trials 2: Second Edition was the most fun I had on PC before I discovered Garry's Mod, Trials HD kept me "entertained" for hours because I was trying to beat the Extreme tracks, Trials Evolution is the game I play the most with friends, and Trials Fusion has crazy graphics and quad bikes. Hats off to RedLynx.
Runners Up: Battlefield and Grand Theft Auto

Favorite Developer: Rockstar North. The GTA series is the most entertaining I've ever seen. The pure comedy factor that Rockstar North put into their games alone is what makes me love them so much, and the fact that every Rockstar game is open world means that there's no way I'm wasting my money on one of their games. Plus they made GTA San Andreas, one of my favorite games ever.
Runners Up: TellTale Games and RedLynx

Favorite Console: Playstation 2. There were so many classics on the PS2 that made it what it was, and 4 of my Top 5 games of all time are on there. It's the console that got me into gaming, and the fact that all the games for it are cheap now means that I still play it a helluva lot!
Runners Up: PC and Nintendo DS

Favorite TV Show: If you couldn't already tell, The US Office is my favorite show. The first season was a little iffy, but Diversity Day is one of the greatest episodes of all time. Every single episode makes me laugh, and the fact that Steve Carrell is in it (Well, only for the first 7 seasons) makes it amazing. Dwight's weirdness, Jim's pranks and Kelly's dumbness cracks me up every time, and I'm so annoyed that it's over. Darn.
Runners Up: Arrested Development and Come Fly With Me

Favorite Movie: Anchorman. Steve Carrell and Will Ferrell is my dream partnership in terms of comedy actors, and Carrell's weirdness is what makes the film so great. There are so many memorable scenes in the film, and there are a huge amount of Anchorman quotes I use in daily life. The fight scene, and the fact that Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and others all make cameos means that Anchorman is a star studded, crazily funny film.
Runners Up: The Other Guys and Police Academy 2

Hopefully now you know a bit more about Sam, you creepy people!

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