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Preemptive Previews: Crimsonland!

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I MADE A GAME WITH ZOMBIES IN IT!!! Obesity Epidemic. Zombie Apocalypse. All of these games have tried to emulate the success of one of 2003's finest, Crimsonland. A hardcore shooter where blood coats the ground in a crimson hue, Crimsonland is loved by many, and is one of the best top down shooters of all time. The amazing 10tons are now revamping the old game, to the delight of many! Thanks to Jaakko Maaniemi, I've managed to get my hands on an early copy of the game, so I'm giving you guys a sneak peek at what Crimsonland has to offer.

One thing that Crimsonland has to offer is longevity. An epic, blood-spattered campaign with 6 chapters awaits you, plus there are 5 different Survival modes that pretty much have an unlimited play time. It's like Fallout 3 all over again: A crazy long game that's practically impossible to finish. Still, the gameplay is a tasty mix of old-school pure rootin-tootin-lootin-snootin-can'tthinkofanymorewordsendingin'in-shootin, and an unpredictable modern perk system. With 55 different perks, it's practically impossible to know what you'll get, and this is what Crimsonland is all about: good ol' fashioned unscripted bug shooting.

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Of course, 10tons has also got you covered in the gun category. 30 different guns means that you'll always have something to swat those mutated, ginormous bugs, with many old ones returning from the original Crimsonland. The 4 player local co op has definitely been the highlight of the game for me so far, and with Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller support, the co op is played much better on a huge TV. That's what co op should be.

Almost all of the time, HD Remakes and remastered versions of games are never as HD as they sound, but Crimsonland definitely delivers on it's HD promise, with the graphics vastly overhauled compared to the 2003 version, therefore making the gun effects that much better. Co op lovers and Crimsonland fans alike will love what 10tons has done with this franchise.

Crimsonland will be released on the 11th June on Steam for Windows, with Mac and Linux support coming later and PS4 and PS VITA versions being released later this year. The game will ship for $13.99 (UK and European TBD), but if you owned the original Crimsonland, then you just need to send your proof of purchase to, and you'll get the new version for free! Also, watch out for Sam's review of it, coming on June 11th!

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