Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Nakomoto: Taking a Bit(Coin) Out Of Apple?

Image from bitcoin.org
Bitcoin's just a fad; DogeCoin is where it's at!

Microtransactions will soon be payable with virtual currencies such as BitCoin, according to Apple's App Policy. The policy in question exclaims that developers can use "approved virtual currencies", which almost definitley means that you can pay for in-app purchases using BitCoin, the most widely used virtual currency. There are over 300 different virtual currencies out there, including second fiddle LiteCoin, 7th placed DogeCoin and 249th placed Hobbitcoin, so I imagine that Apple will stick to the top 5 or 10, then work their way down from there. Soon enough, we'll be paying in MemeCoins, 'MuricaCoins and NopeCoins!

Still, I can see one problem with this method: one BitCoin equates to just under £400, which means that either mobile giants like Rovio, King and Zynga are going to increase the price of microtransactions, or everyone's going to end up with 0.0672826388 of a Bitcoin every time they buy some more Candy  or whatever in Candy Crush. The solution? DogeCoin, which is only worth £0.000239!

What do you guys think? Would you prefer paying with BitCoins than with vouchers or credit cards? Or would you rather just keep with real money? Tell us in the comments below!

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