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Joe's Interview With Heather!

Hi guys

A few weeks ago I asked Heather from Pretty Little Sith to do an interview with me. She is a blogger that mainly talks about swtor and other stuff. I ask questions about blogging and gaming etc. Heather is a pretty cool gal that loves nothing more than to run around as a sith assassin killing republic scum. ( there goes me being impartial) so enjoy the interview and if you have any questions be sure to post a comment.


JOE 1: Tell us about yourself e.g some background information etc.

PLS: My name is Heather, the blogger behind, which is mainly about Star Wars: The Old Republic, and other gaming topics that I like to write about. I have also more recently become a writer and podcast host for Corellian Run Radio, which is also about SWTOR.

JOE 2: How did you get into gaming?

PLS: I’ve always been a gamer, as long as I could remember. I had both the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo, and somehow moved over to preferring PC games after that. As far as MMOs go, SWTOR is my first and was introduced to me when my boyfriend started playing it a few months after the game’s launch. You can see how that turned out. He doesn’t even play anymore and I’m obsessed!

JOE 3: What is your favourite game?

PLS: SWTOR is definitely my favorite game. I might play other games now and then, but I always come back to it.  There’s so much to do! Apparently I don’t play enough since other players would say the opposite, but I probably put in like 30 hours a week into the game. I’m still not even close to seeing everything in the game. 

JOE 4: How did you get into blogging?

PLS: I actually used to blog in high school, but I wasn’t very interesting. I wrote mostly about sophomoric, silly topics, like some boy I had a crush on or something. I stopped blogging for a while, and then I decided I had a lot to say about gaming and SWTOR. I also really needed an outlet to practice writing, because I think I’m pretty good and didn’t really have an opportunity to use the skill at work. That’s when I started PrettyLittle Sith.

JOE 5: What is your favourite Star Wars movie and why?

PLS: This is probably blasphemy, but I’ve only seen the movies once. If I had to choose though, my favorite one would be Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Everything is wrapped up nicely in the storyline.

JOE 6: Who shot first Han or greedo?

PLS: Han, duh! Smugglers always shoot first. George Lucas even has a shirt that says Han shoots first.

( joe laughed when read this ^^) 

jOE 7: Best gaming moment?

PLS: Wow, so many years of gaming---it’s hard to say. This is kind of weird because it’s not actually in-game, but meeting a SWTORguildie in real life for the first time was fantastic. To play an MMO with people and then to finally see them in real life is the coolest feeling. It’s like they are truly a real person, a friend, and not just an avatar, character name, or even a voice in Mumble. Ever since then, it’s been such a delight meeting other players in person, and I’ve met quite a few since then from across the country. Meeting other players really solidified my passion and love for the game.

JOE 8: Favourite swtor class?

PLS: Sith Assassin! Deception skill tree. My advice: play the class you love. It’s very annoying to me when people tell me how to play my character, such as selecting a different skill tree or telling me I can’t do something well. The most important thing is that I’m having fun, and guess what? I’m winning PvPmatches and I’m downing operation bosses. I’m not a fan of playing the Flavor of the Month class just because it’s “best” one.

JOE 9: Games you plan to play/ write about In the future?

PLS: For now, I really like to play SWTOR. I may review games once in a while, like I did with The Elder Scrolls Online. I’ll probably try to play WildStar again for longer than an hour and review that one too. I really just like to spend my time playing and writing about one game though.

JOE 10: Where can we find you e.g twitter, blog, Facebook etc?

PLS: The best and fastest way to contact me is via Twitter, @Heather_PLS. You can also read my blog at, or e-mail me I do have a Facebook page for the blog also, and that’s at

Well that was the interview! Be sure to check out heathers blog and all that stuff. I would like to say a big thank you to heather for agreeing to be interviewed :p

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