About Gadgets and Khajiits

What We're About

Gadgets and Khajiits aims to be the next best gadget and gaming news website. We aim to write at least 3 articles a day, and provide info, as well as lots of comedy and satire about the gaming and gadget world! We have reviews and news about tons of different games and genres, and the latest news in tech, plus we hope to go to many gadget and gaming events in the future! Hope you enjoy our website, and make sure to share your thoughts in our (mostly) daily polls and the comments section!

The People

Name: Sam Brooke
Writes: News, Daily Special Features, Polls
Favorite Game: Star Wars Battlefront II
Favorite Genre: Sandbox
Favorite Developer: Rockstar
Pet Hate in Gaming: Microtransactions 
Favorite Character: Reggie Rowe (Infamous: Second Son)
Favorite Console: PS2

Name: Carlo Esguerra
Writes: Anytime Reviews
Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts 2
Favorite Genre: Action RPG
Favorite Developer: Bethesda 
Pet Hate in Gaming: Repetitiveness 
Favorite Character: John Chaser (Chaser)
Favorite Console: PC

Name: Joe Rucklidge
ImperialAgent-SWTORWrites: SWTOR Lowdown, Joe's MMOs
Favorite Game: Mass Effect 3
Favorite Genre: MMORPG
Favorite Developer: Bioware
Pet Hate in Gaming: Grinding
Favorite Character: Cipher 9/Imperial Agent (SWTOR)
Favorite Console: PC

Post Schedule

Friday: Top 5 Friday: Does what it says on the tin!

Saturday: Saturday Spending Spree: We show the best gadget and gaming deals!

Sunday: End Of The Week Extravaganza: We look back at the week in tech and gaming news!

Everyday: Gadget and Gaming News!

Not On a Schedule: Joe's MMOs: Joe reviews an MMO!

SWTOR Lowdown: Joe takes a look at the latest in The Old Republic!

Anytime Reviews: Carlo reviews old and new games!

Raucous Reviews: Sam reviews the latest games!

Quickie Reviews: Short and snappy reviews of the latest mobile games!