Mortal Kombat X's four new Kombatants!

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! Wait a second, wrong fighting game. Oh well. NetherRealm has released a new "Who's Next?" image showing the silhouettes of four new playable DLC characters.

In addition to that, new skins and a new environment will be available, and all of that will be coming in the first half of 2016. Now this is doubled from their previous game's -Injustice- 4 DLC characters and no maps.

Some may argue they are milking it somewhat and overdoing it, with $30 worth of skins and characters being released again, making all the DLC the cost of a full game. I personally disagree- most of the DLC is aesthetic, and none of the previous characters were "broken" or overpowered.

On to speculation- the one to the left appears to be one of the ninja characters in the game, perhaps the purple one, Rain (yes, purple rain), or the grey ninja, Smoke. As for the others, they are less obvious, what with the right one having an oddly shaped head and the others being less clear. Perhaps one of them, specifically one at the back could be one of the cyborg ninjas, Cyrax or Sektor?

We've also had two movie characters already in the form of Jason Voorhees and the Predator, so perhaps one or two could be from the silver screen as well.

Who do you think could be the new Kombatants? Who do you want to see? Let us know!

Uncharted Finally Charted

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Uncharted 4 has been given a huge amount of info in a PlayStation Blog post, with the big announcement being a March 18th release date, as many expected, placing it comfortably after Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Mirror's Edge: Catalyst. The long-awaited conclusion to the series will also have 5 different editions which, to paraphrase Chloe from Life is Strange, is hella annoying. There's a Special Edition, which contains a steel bookcase, art book, stickers and Naughty Dog Points (More on that later) , while the Libertalia Edition (Named after the colony in Madagascar, where Drake will explore in A Thief's End) will contain all that as well as a Nathan Drake figure, a load of multiplayer items and a theme. There's also two Digital Editions, but you get the idea.
Now what sucks about Uncharted 4 is the addition of Naughty Dog Points, which, as you can guess, is a bloody microtransactional currency. Now, I don't care whether it's "optional" or not (Looking at you, Metal Gear Solid V), microtransactions deserve NO PLACE in a full price AAA game. It doesn't matter whether it's in the multiplayer or single player, either way it ruins the game, makes it grindy and is no fun for anyone who doesn't (rightfully) want to fork up more money when they've already paid for the game.
Still, on the lighter side of things, Deadpool is getting re-released on November 20th for PS4 and Xbox One, so that's amazing. BUY IT

Youtube Gaming - Twitch killer?

Google's attempt in the streaming market,Youtube Gaming was launched 3 days ago. It's an entire website centered on gaming and is obviously now a direct competitor to Twitch, the other major site for streaming gaming. So what new things does it bring to the table to differentiate itself?

First and foremost is the design- YTG seeks to look sleeker than its white and purple counterpart, showing the top games, channels and broadcasts all on the same screen, with a "Trending games" pull-out tab on one side and "Featured channels" on the other. It's all very convenient not to mention responsive, unlike how Twitch sometimes is.

It compacts the information in videos efficiently as well because the space isn't filled with page ads; the entire screen is just the video and the chat, which is optional to see as well. It's also faster, using HTML5 rather than Adobe Flash. I prefer its design and efficiency over Twitch to be honest, and like Twitch it allows you to watch previous broadcasts- not to mention the videos each of the channels have in their archives.
It has one major problem though: no one (at the moment) is using it. Twitch has exclusive contracts restricting their 11,000 plus partners from streaming anywhere else, meaning YTG has a lot less content. As seen from the above pictures, the viewers are also resorting to Twitch, the latterhaving 100k live viewers while YTG has 1/5 of that at 20k on the same stream, presumably because of the fact that they feel more at home with a streaming service they have used for a long time.

But, I expect Youtube will also offer some exclusivity deals with certain streamers and Youtubers, and both services have apps. For now, I prefer the design of Youtube Gaming but the streamers of Twitch are larger in number, so it has a lot of work to do to cement itself, but I admit, it has promise as a true contender. What do you think about Youtube Gaming? Will you make the switch, or use both?

SWTOR Lowdown: PAX Cantina Stream Wrap-UP

Hey guys, here is the wrap up from the live stream yesterday as was posted on the forums and the companion Q&A that addresses some of the key issues that people may have had about 4.0.
Official Rundown
Hey folks!
As mentioned before, he is a quick wrap-up of what was discussed on the livestream earlier this evening. First off, you can watch the archived version of the stream yourself, right here (part 1) (part 2).
We opened by showing the intro to Chapter 3, along with playing through portions of it to highlight some key choices that can be made, new environments, etc. After that we took on some of the more commonly asked questions around Companions in Knights of the Fallen Empire. Here they are:
What happens to my existing Companions in KotFE?
When Fallen Empire launches, all of your existing Companions remain accessible to you outside of the story Chapters. In the KotFE story there is a specific cast of characters that is a part of that ongoing storyline.
Is there more combat customization for Companions?
Absolutely, in fact every Companion can now choose any role you choose at any time; healer, tank, or DPS.
How does gear come into play here?
Starting in KotFE your Companion’s power and stats scale with your level, regardless of the gear they are wearing. However, you can still use gear to determine exactly how your Companions will look. (note: this is not a part of Appearance Designer)
What about all of that Affection I farmed for my Companions?
We haven’t forgotten the relationships you’ve built; the affection you earned will not be lost and the relationships you built will continue to be relevant.
If you have more Companion questions, feel free to ask them in this thread. We will work to answer them throughout the rest of the week. Keep in mind of course that we will not answer spoilery questions. Finally, we ended the stream with a video clip from Chapter 1 of Fallen Empire which shows an important decision made around one of the character’s Companions. Sparing any spoilers, check out the archive for the clip.
Companions Q&A
  • Q: There is a time lapse with 4.0 of 5 years, what happens to all of my companions?
  • A: Storywise part of the adventure is figuring out what has happened to your previous companions. You are the Outlander, the focal point of the resistance against the Eternal Empire. It is up to you to unite your old companions and fight back. From a story standpoint, you will be locked to certain companions in various chapters. You will be introduced to new characters and finding out what happened to past companions.
  • A: Companions that are not coming back are not taken away. You will have access to ALL of them gameplay wise, just not story wise. You can resummon your old companions that you truly loved. Treek and HK are absolutely not going away. Storywise we are going to screw with them all but gameplay wise we are not taking any of them away.
  • Q: Companion affection lost in 4.0?
  • A: You won’t lose any of it gameplay wise. All the hardwork you have done will still matter. Fictionally, those romances and relationship you did in the past with your companions will matter and may come back affect your choices.
  • Q: Companion roles in 4.0?
  • A: Going forward, all companions can be all 3 roles. You can pick your favourite companion and have them do any role.
  • Q: What happens to companion gear in 4.0?
  • A: We untied gear from companions. We kept the visuals so you can still customize their visuals. Companions get stronger as they level up with you. You will get all your companion gear back so don’t rush to unequip them.
  • Q: Will I lose anything?
  • A: In most cases you won’t lose anything. We are trying to not take anything away and if we do we will tell you in advance.

Not Trine Hard Enough

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A bit of a controversy has risen over the third installment of the Trine series, Artifacts of Power, as the game has been targeted by players who claim that it's too short to justify the price, and ends on an ambiguous cliffhanger ending. That cliffhanger may never be solved, as developer Frozenbyte, in response to the criticism, updated their Steam page, with the developer's Vice President Joel Kinnunen standing by the game, yet also talking about Trine's future, saying "The future of the series is now in question, as the feedback, user reviews and poor media coverage has taken us by surprise" before going on to say that the game was originally much bigger, but had to be scaled down due to budgetary concerns, with Kinnunen claiming that Trine 3 would've cost over $15 million to make, had the developers stuck to the original plan. This is due to the franchise transitioning into 3D, taking up more resources and money than previous installments.
Still, Artifacts of Power wasn't a bargain to make either - the game cost a whopping $5.4 million, money it may not make back due to the games £16 price and fan backlash. Frozenbyte gave us a very sad video update today, with marketing manager Kai Tuivonen taking the blame and looking sad at the same time, claiming that he should've mentioned Trine's shortened length to the fans. It's sad to see Fronzenbyte sink to such a low point, and I hope they don't cancel Trine as I love the series and loved Trine 3 despite its length - the Finnish developers will have to grin and bear for now before they decide how to continue.
What do you guys think? Were you annoyed by Tribe's length? Tell us in the comments!

SWTOR Lowdown: 4.0 Changes!

In light of the new expansion, some information has been released regarding some achievements that are being removed.
Hey folks,

We wanted to pass on a heads up about some Achievements which will be coming out of the game with Game Update 4.0. 

Category: Citizens of Makeb

  • Mass Exodus
  • Hero of the Citizens of Makeb
  • Making the Connection

Category: Makeb Imperial Forces

  • Contain and Control
  • Hero of the Makeb Imperial Forces
  • Well Connected
All players who complete Making the Connection and/or Well Connected achievements before they are removed will be receiving a Makeb Gazebo decoration in the mail around the time Game Update 4.0 launches. If you don’t have those achievements but you are looking to get them before they are retired, now is the time! We’ll see you all on Makeb.


Some quick changes, and clarifications.

What is being removed is the Makeb [Staged] Weekly Missions. In there place, we are putting new Weekly Missions which will contain largely the same content they do now, except presented in a way that is more consistent with the other Planetary Weekly Missions.

I have also updates the thread title to more accurately reflect. Sorry for the confusion!



Source (here).