Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Only Way Is Digital

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So it seems that Capcom have been pretty chuffed with the success of digital games such as Resident Evils HD Remaster and Revelations 2, as, on their website, the Japanese giant wants to have digital sales make up its majority revenue by March next year. With Ultra Street Fighter IV and Mega Man 8 releasing digitally on PS4 this week as well as DMC4: Special Edition, Street Fighter V and other games releasing this year, it seems that Capcom will probably be making incentives for digital buyers. Personally, it's good to see that Capcom are happy to evolve (Especially as they haven't been so hot financially as of late) though I still am a fan of physical games, what with their blue/orange cases with explosions on.

In other news, it looks like Capcom's already acting on their promise, as, in a YouTube video that involves a lot of herb-based comedy, they've just announced their next remastered game: Resident Evil Zero, the Resident Evil prequel released for the GameCube in 2002 will be coming to PC and the last and current gen Sony and Microsoft consoles in Spring next year. It tells the story of Bravo Team, a squad that gets split up and stranded on a zombie-filled train, and many original staff will return to development on it.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer digital or physical games, and would you buy a Resident Evil 0 Remaster? Tell us in the comments!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Top At The Shops: 9th - 16th May

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It's been a crazy week in the UK sales charts (Well, as crazy as they can be), but one thing that hasn't changed is Project CARS' number 1 spot, which means that the long-delayed racer is the first Bamco game for 16 years that's stayed on top of the sales charts for two weeks straight. Truly exciting times. A new entry at number 2 is Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, which proves that everyone's still hungry for more Wolfenstein, while GTA V falls into 3rd position, which has finally surpassed 5 million sales in the UK! Records are being shattered this week.

Falling to 4th spot is Mortal Kombat X, while another new entry, Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster, finds it way into 5th place, since everyone so desperately wants to see Tidus' laugh in shiny new graphics. FIFA 15 falls into 6th place, Advanced Warfare into 7th and Dying Light into 8th, showing that, when no new games release, we all go back to last year's. Destiny rises a little into 9th, presumably because of the impending House of Wolves DLC that actually looks pretty good, and clinging on to 10th is Minecraft: Xbox Edition. The only real new entry I can see next week is The Witcher 3, which will obviously get number 1 considering that it's already reached 1 million pre orders.

In other news, Japanese news site Asahi published a piece on Project Morpheus, revealing that the headset will be launching before June next year. If this is true, it'll get a little head start on the Oculus Rift's consumer release, which will come out around Autumn next year. By the looks of things, it'll the Morpheus will be launching at globally around the same timeframe, but we'll probably have to wait until E3 to see. 

Speaking of E3, our Trailer of the Day today goes to the DOOM E3 Teaser trailer. It's only about 10 seconds long and only really shows about 4 seconds of gameplay, involving a weird-looking beast-thing and a shotgun, so we really know it's a Doom game. As stated by the title, it'll be revealed during Bethesda's E3 conference, so this is all we have to go on so far.


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Area 52 Conspiracy

Image from Wookipedia
The developers of the much-maligned RollerCoaster Tycoon World, Area 52 Games, is now a former developer of RollerCoaster Tycoon World, as the project has changed hands for the 3rd time, confirming that the new Atari executives have literally no idea what they're doing. The cursed baton has now been passed to an unnamed developer: the developer's claim that they don't want to be bombarded with fan letters, but I imagine the real reason is that the developer's don't want people to know their terrible reputation when this terrible-looking game launches.

Speaking of publishers in turmoil, Konami's also done a bit of a bad move: after cancelling Silent Hills and burning it's bridges with Kojima Productions (What's left now? PES?) Konami have now claimed that the future of the Metal Gear Solid franchise lies on mobile, in an interview with Japanese news site Nikkei Trendy Net, who sound like the coolest journalists around. The company claimed that "Our main platform will be mobile" with their games following a horrid-sounding "Pay as you play model" (ONE DOLLAR ONE HOUR!), although they confirmed that PES (Or Winning Eleven, as it's called in Japan) will still be a major console franchise. It's an interesting (And probably bad) decision, but we'll have to see how it pans out.

Still, we all know how terrible Atari's future looks!

Trailer of the Day today goes to the LEGO Jurassic World Trailer 2, which is a pretty short trailer that showcases a load of the movie's moments in LEGO form. There's also the gameplay of playable dinosaurs, but the biggest piece of news in the trailer is the release date confirmation: it'll be launching for current and last-gen consoles, plus handhelds, on June 12th!


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Ubisoft Going In Hard

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There's been a hella lotta Ubisoft news coming out, with the biggest so far being the announcement of Assassin's Creed Syndicate, coming out on PS4 and Xbox One on the 23rd of October, and PC later. It'll be set in Victorian London (As it was rumoured) where you'll play as brothers Jacob and Evie Frye, two Assassin's who aim to take down the Templars by forming gangs. Among the new stuff is knuckledusters, hallucinogenic darts, a grappling hook (A pretty stupid addition in my opinion, as it phases out parkour) stagecoaches and trains. It's all very Ubisoft, what with slum liberation missions being shown off, and to be honest it's pretty disappointing. It's more of the same Assassin's Creed stuff, and to impress me it's really got to radically change the formula, as the franchise has become stale. Hopefully this'll be another Black Flag.

In other sad news, the long-awaited division will be coming out at some point in early 2016, which sucks, but at least we have a release date. They should be revealing more gameplay at E3 this year, in which their conference has just been announced: it'll be happening at 11pm BST/ 3pm PST on the 14th of June, a couple of hours after EA's conference. They should be revealing a new game in June too, as their recent earnings reports shows that there's a new game scheduled for release around the same time as The Division.

Last of all, in a bold move, Ubisoft announced at last night's earnings call that they're stopping all development on last gen consoles (Except for the much loved Just Dance series) meaning that they'll mainly be operating on PS4, Xbox One and PC (With Just Dance and other family titles on last-gen and Wii U) after announcing last year that there'd be no more "mature" games on Wii U due to the terrible porting process of Watch Dogs.

What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to any of Ubisoft's coming games? And are you annoyed by their lack of last-gen support? Tell us in the comments!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Raucous Reviews: Broken Age

Quite simply, Broken Age is everything and more than Tim Schafer making a point n click game. The story is riveting, the twists are crazy, the humour is actually humour (Not your typical "HAHA BROKEN PHYSICS" humour. Actual humour.) 

Thursday, 30 April 2015

SWTOR Lowdown- Win Raider information!

An update on the action Bioware is going to take against win-traders.

Hey folks!

As we have done before, I wanted to provide an update on the status of win-traders and trolls in Ranked PvP. For win-traders, we made another pass at the very end of the season and on Tuesday we issued actions against win-traders, including resetting their rating so they would receive no rewards. As a reminder, any action that someone receives regarding win-trading will carry over to each subsequent season. Action taken against repeated win-traders will scale aggressively so we can curb this behavior.

One thing I am happy to report is that although we have certainly not gotten rid of win-trading yet, we have seen a steady decline throughout this season! We intend to continue pursuing win-traders in the hopes of removing this behavior from Ranked PvP entirely.

As for those PvP “trolls,” we have also seen a steady decline in this activity. As these players pop up, either through reports or our data, I am forwarding them onto our Terms of Service team for investigation and action. Players who are participating in this behavior are seeing some pretty severe action being taken. For these players they are all receiving, at a minimum, a 7 day suspension. 

Thank you all for your continued reports and diligence in helping to clean up win-traders and trolls in Ranked PvP. I will continue to provide periodic updates throughout Season 5 and beyond.


Source |http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=809549 |