Monday, 15 December 2014

A Break

Hi Guys,

I just want to say that from Monday to Friday this week I won't be writing because I've been feeling a bit burnt out lately and I think that a break would do me good: I can only write good: (Or at least satisfactory!) articles when I enjoy it after all! Still, I'd like to announce that the Gadgets and Khajiits Meaningless Awards Show of 2014 will be on the site sometime next week once we've all conferred and decided who the winners are. Thanks for understanding and being patient: once 2015 rolls around, there'll be some beneficial changes and hopefully this blog will become more entertaining!


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Raucous Reviews: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

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The news that Playstation fans would have to wait a bit longer for Rise of the Tomb Raider to arrive in their hands outraged many: Lara Croft had always been Playstation's darling, an unofficial mascot along with the likes of Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, the sequel to 2010's well-received Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, is in no way a substitute for the next gritty Lara Croft game, but still manages to please and entertain in a way that doesn't rely on nostalgia.

Let's start with the story: Lara (Played by Keeley Hawes doing her best stereotypical British accent) and Carter Bell (A rival explorer with no personality) travel to Egypt and find gods Horus and Isis, who explain that their father, Osiris, was killed by his brother, Set, and his body parts were spread across the land. As you'd expect, the group have to explore tombs and collect them, so just like Guardian of Light, there isn't a compelling story.

Then again, there needn't be. Crystal Dynamics has added so many new features, mechanics and challenges that any player will shift their focus from the story to, say, collecting Red Skulls or completing challenges.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas Amiibonus

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I correctly predicted that Amiibos would be popular earlier this year, which makes me better than approximately 95% of physics in the world. Go figure.

Amiibos, Nintendo's interactive, Skylanders-esque money-grabs figurines, have become so popular that many have sold out, whether they're sold on Nintendo's official store or Amazon. The crazy thing is that many of these sold-out figures haven't even been released yet - even previously-niche characters like Shulk have been sold out, and won't come out until February 20th next year.

Thanks to the magic of social networking, kids can now bug their parents online to pre-order Amiibos now. Godammit technology.

There's a huge variety of reasons why Amiibos have been so popular. There's the possibility that Nintendo simply haven't anticipated the huge demand for them, or perhaps after the many messed-up Amiibos, Nintendo are trying to find out what's going wrong and fixing, delaying the manufacturing process. 

Still, there's the huge possibility that they're so popular in the Under 13ish market that they're simply selling out because of the huge hit that they are with kids. As a former child (debatable) collecting figures and physical things in games was amazing because of how tactile kids are. Still, I'm not saying that they're not popular among adults: Nintendo have cleverly locked special items in games behind Amiibos, meaning that they can entice more people to buy them. It's like what Bungie are doing with the Dark Below, except that Nintendo aren't committing a horrendous act of douchebaggery.

Of course, there's always the reason that people are just buying Amiibos, hoping that they get a defective figure so they can sell it for $25,000.

Have any of you bought Amiibos? If so, are they worth the money? Tell us in the comments!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Don't Want To Fight That Feline

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Many people have been crying over split milk (Because cats like milk??? I'm trying!) after a new character for the upcoming Tekken 7 was revealed: Lucky Chloe. On this NeoGAF thread, many people aired their grievances because the Japanese design was "generic" and too crazy. 

Yes, a girl dressed up as a cat is too crazy for a series that had a bear propose to a panda and a guy with a mouth on his stomach.

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Still, I'm all for crazy and outlandish chracters: but that's not the point of this article. That was just a segue to a much bigger news story: fighting games are coming back as the big boys.

Let me get this straight: fighting games have never (And probably will never) been a small genre, especially in the East. Still, lately third-person RPGs and first person shooters are the "big" genres in video games, the ones that ever non-gamer imagines when "video games" pop into their head. 

Recently, fighting games have been in the news a lot: the Street Fighter V leak garnered huge amounts of attention and became the main event along with an Uncharted 4 trailer at Playstation Experience. The announcemnt that it would be a PS4 exclusive lead many people to ask Xbox head Phil Spencer how they would compensate for the lack of Street Fighter V. The game has even enabled cross-platform play between PC and PS4, which is a feature that hasn't even been utilised in the next generation yet. Fighting games are picking up more steam, and are becoming one of the biggest genres in gaming again, especially in the West, a market that hasn't been the easiest to break into for fighting games.

All of that comes back around to the seemingly innocent headline and story that this article started with: hundreds, if not thousands of people having strong opinions on such a small thing as character design. It may seem insignificant, but with Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat X and many Dragon Ball games coming out next year, fighting games might just become more popular, more innovative, and more important in the gaming industry.

What do you guys think? Am I right? Tell us in the comments below!

Monday, 8 December 2014

No Posts

Hi Guys,

There won't be any posts from me today, as I'm currently working on some other articles as well as revising for my GCSE controlled assessments. Cheers for understanding, and if this week is disrupted a little, you have AQA to blame.


Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Keigh Points of The Game Awards 2014

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First the VGAs, then the VGXs, now The Game Awards. Spike's award show has been chopped and changed over the years, and this year is no different: now set in front of a huge audience instead of a bricked basement, safe from a McHale of ill-placed puns and awkward silences, the only recognizable aspect of The Game Awards is the return of much loved (SARCASM) journalist (Don't kill me) Geoff Keighley. Although there were plenty of awards handed out, the real meat was in the announcements. Here are the best:

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

We've only seen tiny glimpses, but this 4 minute gameplay trailer seems to show that the new Zelda is more innovative and action-packed than ever. The biggest slice of info of this trailer is that Epona is returning for this next Zelda to help you explore the open world, with an auto-drive similiar to Far Cry 4 (Recent Example) or Shadow of the Colossus (Example to prove that I have studied - read: played - games).

There'll also be a first person mode, which is a series first and has probably been added to show off the beautiful world that the Wii U can render, and a cool new mechanic that slows down time whenever you vault or dismount Epona so Link can become a less bald and less boring Max Payne. The only problem I have with this new game is that the world map is on the GamePad which, although it might seem like a good idea on paper, is pretty mundane and tedious once the novelty wears off, but nevertheless it looks like a great addition to the Wii U next year.