Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Guitar Hero Lives!

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After Rock Band was given a revival for a new generation at this year's GDC, many were wondering if Guitar Hero would get the same treatment. As you can tell by the title, it did (By DJ Hero developer FreeStyleGames), and its name is Guitar Hero Live. It's not a simple port to current-gen consoles though (It's on 360 and PS4 as well as the PS4, Wii U and Xbone) as it radically changes what the series was built on, the most obvious change being the new first person camera and use of video rather than in-game graphics. The crowd and band dynamically react to how you're playing, which is pretty cool, and I can imagine strapping on a Project Morpheus and experiencing it first hand. It also must cut development time down, as the developers only really have to model the "highway".

The guitar has also changed into an altogether more guitar-y and friendly model: instead of the colourful buttons, there are two rows of three buttons, and only 3 possible places on the highway for notes to land. To keep you on the your toes, notes switch from white to black (Corresponding to different buttons) and for experts there's a chord system. All in all, it sounds like a good reboot for a franchise people want back.

Last of all, there's GHTV, a music channel-style series that allows you to jump in and play along to the song as you watch it. It seems a bit gimmicky, but all of these features should justify the £90 asking price when it release at Christmas.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Top At The Shops: April 4th - 11th

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It's been another week in the weekly UK sales charts, and things have shaken up a bit. That can't be said for this week's Number 1, Battlefield Hardline, who have been on top for a little while now, which is a little surprise. What isn't surprising, however, is the Big Three threatening to take over the top 3 again, with FIFA 15 rising 2 places to 2nd, and GTA V rounds out the Big Three in 3rd. In fourth place is Far Cry 4, proving that society's desire to kill animals hasn't burned out, while COD: Advanced Warfare rises up by 1 to 5th.

Bloodborne falls 3 places to 6th, which is a little surprising considering how amazing everyone says it is, while everyone's car fetish rose again so much thanks to Furious 7 that Forza Horizon 2 rises up 6 places into 7th. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection falls into 8th, while Halo: The Master Chief Collection strangely rises up into 9th. Last of all, Minecraft's Xbox Edition rounds out the Top 10 in 10th, leaving its shamed Playstation brother languishing in 14th.

That's really all the news there is, so see you tomorrow! (Well, I won't. I apologize, fan)  

Friday, 10 April 2015

Friday Flix

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It's actually been a crazy week for gaming films, but the biggest story is probably Hollywood Reporter's (They've got a good track record for rumours) report that Warner Bros have bought the Five Nights At Freddy's property and have tasked producers Roy Lee (The Departed), David Katzenberg (The Goldbergs) and Seth Grahame-Smith (Dark Shadows) to create a film adaptation. It seems like easy money, as it's a game that universally recognisable, plus even bad horrors make a lot of money these days.

Another property that's well known is Need for Speed, which already got a film last year (It wasn't received too well) which made over triple its budget. According to Variety, a trio of Chinese film companies are hoping to buy the IP off of Dreamworks to produce it alongside EA, with a Chinese filming location and Chinese actors, so if the talks work out, this may be a Chinese only film. It's not a stupid idea business-wise, though, as China is one of the biggest markets in the world.

Last of all, the Hollywood Reporter published another report, this time concerning BBC's upcoming biopic, Grand Theft Auto. Daniel Radcliffe is in talks to play founder of Rockstar Sam Houser, while the story for the film has been revealed: it'll be about the rivalry between Rockstar and attorney Jack Thompson, who repeatedly tried to sue Rockstar for GTA's apparent influence on criminals. Relatively unknown director Owen Harris will direct, while James Wood (Rev) will pen the script and Jim Spencer (Monsters) will produce it.


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Remember Bound By Flame, that RPG that launched last year? No, not Inquisition. No, not ESO. Okay, you don't.

The point I tried to make in that terribly written "joke" was that developer Spiders' first outing was a bit mediocre and a bit average; a fantasy RPG that had no personality. Their new game, however, looks pretty interesting. Titled The Technomancer, it's set in a post-apocalyptic Mars in which factions are battling it out to get valuable water supplies. There are lots of typical RPG mechanics, including skill trees, companions, dialogue trees and a crafting system, but the screenshots are what makes me excited. It's quite Mad Max. with crazy and flamboyant-looking outfits and gear, plus there's sure to be some creative weapons too. It releases in 2016, so be on the lookout for more news concerning it.

Speaking of more news, Charlie Intel inspected the source code on the Call of Duty website and found a small description of what the game's going to be like. The game will be set in a "dark, twisted future" and there'll be lots of tech involved, Zombies makes a comeback as well, alongside a new Campaign and the usual multiplayer. An image was also found in the code, which is the usual Black Ops cover art fare: a 3 in Roman Numerals behind a futuristic super soldier with a pistol resting on each of his knees. Not much to go on, so we'll have to wait for the reveal on the 26th this month.

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

An Augmented Dimension

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After a Twitch stream teaser, a trademark and a leak, the next Deus Ex game, Mankind Divided, was announced by GameInformer, who seem to announce a new game every month. Mankind Divided is set two years after the events of Human Revolution, in which the Illuminati have hacked every augmented human to attack whoever is near them (Keep your tin foil hats on!). This had led to the segregation of humans and transhumans, and returning protagonist Adam Jensen leads a task force designed to stop cyberterrorists, with new abilities such as the ability to 'fire off his nano blade into the distance, remote hack electronic objects, and surround himself with a near-indestructible nanoshield.' It'll be coming out on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but that's all we know.

Or is it? This publicity train kept on rolling, as a new cinematic trailer was revealed on the Playstation blog too. It doesn't reveal much other than Adam Jensen being a badass and hacking everything (Shame he's not doing the safety dance)

In other leaked-then-announced game news, the long-touted LEGO Dimensions (A LEGO version of Skylanders) was leaked on Reddit today, while some early Toys-r-Us listing seemed to confirm it. LEGO Dimensions was later confirmed in a trailer that it's coming to current-gen and last-gen home consoles on September 29th this year. An Amazon listing confirmed that there will be 13 minifigure packs available, with 5 themes: LEGO Movie, Ninjago, Lord of the Rings, DC and Wizard of Oz, strangely. However, these packs also contain a vehicle, so there's an element of value, added to the fact that they are LEGO figures that you can use, if you're into it. The Starter Pack will contain the portal, Batman, Gandalf, Wyldstyle and a Batmobile, plus some bricks. One to watch.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Call of Duty: Paper Trail

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COD fans hoping to uncover what Treyarch's installment for this year is will be pleasantly surprised and intrigued, as Treyarch updated Black Ops 2 (As evidenced above.). The update added two symbols to billboards on the Plaza and Express maps, which, when scanned with Snapchat, adds a COD account to your friends list (Thanks, Another Twitter user, (Amazingly named @Nipple_Nicholas) posted a video that the Snapchat account had sent, a mysterious video of light shining through trees with a Eastern European-accented man narrating "Listen only to the sound of my voice.". The only assumptions that I can make about this video is that a) the game will probably be Black Ops 3 and b) the voice could be Reznov's (Or Mason's mental image of Reznov) suggesting that you could be playing as Alex Mason, though this is wild speculation. It's an imaginative way to tease a game, nonetheless.

In other news, according to a report from sources close to Kotaku (POSSIBLE LIES ALERT) Amazon invested in Crytek last month to save them from a possible liquidation. In case you don't remember, last year Crytek ran into some financial problems and was forced to sell Crytek UK and Homefront: The Revolution to Deep Silver, while also having to shut down Crytek USA. Last month, Crytek teased that they had a "multinational investor" for the company, which could very well be Amazon - after all, they're probably looking for more companies (Or a new engine) to make their Fire TV microconsole more popular.

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